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After the Faith & Knowledge Program,1st Version Book Published & Website Established, This paper was Shaun Prario's first article written for this (truth-revealing) Website. It's loaded with Secret Intelligence Personnel Sources who Decided to Expose the Truth About America After 9/11 Saw the Government Attack It's Own Citizens.

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How Russia's Preventing ⬆  World Order

Length:  3:17

Produced by:  The New York Times

      President Trump was friendly with Putin until the American media continually villain-ized Putin, forcing Trump to distance himself from Russia's leader.

The New

             Prior to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 Russia, 1600 Christian churches existed in Moscow alone. All were destroyed by the Jewish Bolsheviks and Stalin who was a victim of Jewish propaganda. Darwinism was never thought to be a likely truthful theory, claiming we cme from monkeys, but the Rothschild family saw an opportunity to destroy Christianity. They paid to have Darwin's Theory of Evolution translated and printed into dozens of the world's languages. Thereafter, the funded distribution into all nations across the world and Stalin is an example of a man who fell for the deception. He failed to realize it was an unproven theory and blamed the church for lying to him growing up. Henceforth, Stalin turned his back on the church and continued the Bolsheviks assault to eliminate Christianity and keep only a satanic version of Judaism as the Russia's only religion.  - S.P.

By:  DW Documentary

Putin's Pride :  Cossack's and the Church


Putin's Revenge: Part Two

HD 1080p