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Photograph Posted Online

      Perhaps, this statement (left) is more-or-less true. Nonetheless, President Trump has attacked the 'establishment' in some areas, forcing changes and/or halting people from their continual immoral actions. (This statement appears to be backed by legitimate news), but what do we really know?

     On the other hand, this man fits right in politics as he's completely passionate about spreading his lies in front of huge crowds and media crews, not to mention, Trump's great at divide-and-conquer. for more info visit; A.4 (below)

Fact:  In the United States, data on ownership and market share of media companies is not held in the public domain.

          This here, is a clear example of information we as the people and voice of government should demand it be released. Therefore, we'll be given one more tool on our quest to gain the ability to comprehend who truly owns Washington, D.C. and the rest of our nation.

Katherine Clark

#Helsinki was our moment to hold Russia accountable, to stand up for the US, democracy & the foundation of our gov't: free & fair elections. Trump disgraced the people & institutions that work in our defense by instead showing his loyalty to Putin. Both disgusting and dangerous.

Senator Bob Menendez

That was disturbing. Shameful. Jaw-dropping. Disgraceful. I am running out of words to describe how despicable it is to see an American President capitulate to a dictator.

Rep. Brad Schneider

Why does President Trump continue to side with Vladimir Putin over our intelligence agencies? He spent today’s press conference attacking the United States and defending Russia. It was a shameful display that will only embolden Putin’s aggression

        In July, 2018 President D. Trump met with V. Putin in Helsinki Finland. It's disturbing how much our media falsely villainizes  V. Putin so the President can't show him support, and the Congress along with the American people won't show any support. Even worse, is when our own Congressmen state such claims, as we see to the right.

[Putin has said Russia is the last White (people) country left on earth. (though many immigrants have arrived in recent yrs.) He's reinstalling Christianity with 900 new churches after the Bolsheviks banned the religion which was followed-up by massacring anyone who refused their orders. Tens-of-millions of Christians who refused to abandon Christ lost their lives.

      In 2000, only 7 nations existed w/o a Rothschild Debt-Based Federal Reserve or National Bank; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Iran, N.Korea, and Cuba. The U.S. military captured the former 4 countries for the House of Rothschild, or what many simply consider the nation of Israel. (Although, Rothschild's personally founded Israel and have complete ownership of the country, technically their primary base in the Bank of England).

        While now merely 3 nations away from fulfilling their desired New World Order, in 2015 Russia repaid the House of Rothschild a $45-billion debt. Thereafter, mirroring Hitler in 1933, Putin removed and banned them from Russia altogether! The stage is now set for WW3.

Chuck Schumer

In the entire history of our country, Americans have never seen a president of the United States support an American adversary the way Trump has supported President Putin.

         To attacked Russia the International Bankers (Jewish/Freemason/Luciferian) must initially attack 3 strategic positions of Russian power. Firstly, similar to Great Britain's two previous attempts; Afghanistan and Russia's supposedly soft under-belly. Secondly, Ukraine which sits on its border and specifically the Crimean shipping ports. Thirdly, Syria for acquiring natural gas lines which would eliminate Russia from having a natural gas monopoly over Europe and cripple the Russian economy.

        Though, Putin recently said, "the New World Order is coming", he's had remarkable success stalling the globalists plans. Additionally, he's allied himself with China, who although controlled by a Rothschild bank has yet to turn-over the vast amount of their gold which is #1 in the world for volume. Furthermore, Bolivia has joined their allegiance. Thus, being the cause of fake American news concerning the upheaval in Bolivia as America currently attempts an over-throw in their government.

     The initial Anglo-Afghan 1839-42  war occurred 1839-1842 when the British attacked from India into Afghanistan. The 2nd Anglo-Afghan war was also considered a defeat for the British, but not with minor success. The British army occupied Kabul, as it had in the first war, and a treaty signed at Gandamak (Gandomak) on May 26, 1879, recognized Shīr ʿAlī's son, Yaʿqūb Khan, as emir. He subsequently agreed to receive a permanent British embassy at Kabul.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is retiring, said the president must appreciate that Russia is not an ally and “there is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia.”

        Ryan's comment is truly a sad statement. As Russia returns to its former Christian foundation, inside America, the same forces which commenced Communism in Russia are currently driving the USA into a Marxist direction far away from Christian morality.    ➖ S.P.

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 Trump, Putin, & Disgraceful Comments from Congress, Continued from Home Page News