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After the Faith & Knowledge Program,1st Version Book Published & Website Established, This paper was Shaun Prario's first article written for this (truth-revealing) Website. It's loaded with Secret Intelligence Personnel Sources who Decided to Expose the Truth About America After 9/11 Saw the Government Attack It's Own Citizens.

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20 Pg. PDF by Shaun Prario • Published 2012

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303 A.D. The 10th
Ch. 2 (spiritual recovery) The
⚔ Holy Spirit

 The Pilgrims Christian

Society & Curse of Debt

Church in Plymouth, MA

  click above for 20th Century

          Including errors & truths of Reformation 

Learn Something Amazing, About Your Society

          This 2 page commentary unearths a major peculiarity within the whole of our society, which not only evades mention or analysis, but remains unseen by a vast majority of the population.

          This condensed writing's a direct response to 'Philosophy of the Information-Age'. Correspondingly, one must harbor perception of the attack on our way of life, by those responsible for media-propaganda and false-flag terrorism.                          

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  Although, Faith & Knowledge to Overcome Addiction has tossed the

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 Informative Theology from Faith and Knowledge.... Exclusively found within the Master Edition.  Passage 13 is an extended Chapter titled the Christian Book of Truth.

Heroin  Addict
Meth  Addict

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"The literature is unique, written intelligently, and this book/recovery program's clearly unmatched by all others. The book's huge; packed with an enormous wealth of knowledge. Nonetheless, to make more accessible to all reader's - it's divided into 37 chapters and every single scripture verse, quote, phrase, picture and paragraph is numbered; similar to the Bible."- Thomas A.

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From Faith & Knowledge...Master Edit.

Chapter 22 (short) & the end of Ch. 7

       The most prominent weapon within the abode of our arsenal after many afflictions which lead to residing in a minimal existence. In other words: when you hit rock-bottom and all else fails, yet tribulation remains.

  Almost 5 X's as many people died from illegal drug-overdoses, than died by firearms last year  2 X's as many died from prescription drugs (however taken)   &   3 X's as many people were murdered by other means (murder rates are out of control)      

    The Council of Foreign Relations members & other non-member Intern. Bankers/Corporations desire us to not own guns; in fear of revolt vs. their ever-increasing Totalitarian State.

    Nonetheless, it's perfectly fine to flood our communities with hardcore drugs or to purposely cause us illness by way of vaccines, (loaded with mercury, etc.), fluoride, and poisons in our food requiring innumerable prescription medications, because they benefit financially. (greedy rich becoming richer).  

       This book is highly-recommended to be used via Print Book. Entirely numbered/labeled in similar fashion to the Bible.  Features

           many important verses, quotes, 70 New Testament scriptures and cross-references. Nevertheless,, the PDF File is available

  Give an addict something to believe in. Life's not as it seems and we have much knowledge to be ascertained

        Since 1993 firearm homicides have dropped 39%        

             Non-fatal firearm incidents are done 69%  

          Worldwide deaths from warfare are 1/12 compared to 50's

               With millions of accusations against govern. media (abc, nbc, fox, cnn, cspan) since 2000 (dual-citizenship laws) it's now LAW-FUL to use MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS vs PUBLIC.

           Proposed by M. Thornberry (R-Texas) & A. Smith (D- Wash) in 2013.

           Passed in the House to nullify the Smith-Mundt Act (1948) is a new NDAA Law which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion. The vote came ONLY 2 days after a federal judge ruled that an indefinite detention provision in the annual defense bill was unconstitutional.

                       -With 22 Sharia Law No-Go Zones (actually reported on Fox News) e.g. Dearborn MI (751 in Europe) and P.O.W. camps (not prisons) being constructed in multiple states, they need to remove our guns (scared of revolution) to complete their goals. (those of which truly enslave us, for we've seen nothing yet.

In todays world of deception, we must learn to  

"SEE OUTSIDE THE BOX" alike the Christ once did.  





  Book Covers Such Topics As Seen  In Video Above.  37 Chapters  Thoroughly Labeled w/Cross Referencing (Huge Book)  Click ⬇ to change your life.

  Or buy the PDF for $1 on site Store


Dearborn, MI constitutes Sharia Law, so don't allow your wife or daughter to walk through this town without a head-veil or she'll rightfully be gang-raped by Muslims.

 Were You Told the Europeans Welcomed these Immigrants?

         Yes, Some Sell-Out Politicians Receiving Huge Bribes from the E.U. Agreed; No Different than Congressmen Accepting Bribes Inside America.

                       These Muslims have now officially joined the E.U. in finishing the goal of removing European national sovereignty except for Poland, and soon to eliminate European Nationalities., altogether

   Their are now  7 5 1  Sharia Law Territories  spread through the remaining countries with  governing power granted to the Muslims, not with over nation's own laws.

                  Germany has been subjected to heavy brain-washing since WWII. More recently, forced vaccinations have contributed to their lowered fertility; a problematic issue never experienced prior in their history. Isn't Germany over-populated anyhow? (80 million in that small an area) Nonetheless, this has been utilized as the latest excuse for needing Arab/African Muslim immigration.

                        Perhaps if they had more land for farming they wouldn't rely so heavily on food-imports (food chemically injected to cause health issues such as lower fertility rates, or other issues resulted in big pharmaceutical companies earning  millions upon millions of dollars. Let's not forget it was this reliance on food imports which the Zionist's simply withheld in WWI through the 1920's resulting in hundred-of-thousands of unnecessary German deaths.              

Within this same vicinity, there appears to now be at least 7 towns which are now basically exclusively Muslim towns operating Sharia Law inside the United States. If they see an American and choose to call the local police, the police will remove the American citizen from their towns.

         How Much Wisdom Can One Contemplate

                      from a Simple  4 Page Writing?                         

         This piece immediately relates directly to an addict who's ostracized from society.

         Forcing them uncover new knowledge & learn from the comprehension of my own failed attempts at recovery.

      Exposes the Pilgrims misfortunes endeavor constructing a forgiving society.

        Unearths the commonly missed contingency with debt/interest which is directly comparable to modern society.

        Displays how the Pilgrims overlooked Christ's main teachings concerning society; exactly similar to modern Christians. 

       Assimilates an older English style of literature, etcetera.

4/7/18     Our Capitalist system makes rich those invested with greed, pride, lust, etcetera.

So many of the financial-elite are occultists, members of the CFR, moreover members of the Illuminati/Freemasonry. So, just what is 33 degree Freemasonry all about?        from Redeeming Truth  Libraries

  Learn Faith, Knowledge & Truth of the Masons/Illuminati at: 

                      verity.webstarts.com                    (reconstructed 4/9/18)

The Many Pages of the Redeeming Truth Library 

Don't forget to educate yourself & others on the Real Drug Trade (Pg #1.2b) and corruption of the financial elite. (Pg #2) Furthermore, extend your knowledge with the Big Pharmaceutical Co. and motives behind keeping us sick & fluoride poisoning on the vital (Pg #3.3)

     Seek Christ-Consciousness with Christ, not with the N.W.O.

Freemasons .... Hollywood .... C.F.R. ... E.U. & U.N. ... etc.

Listen Up! Your beloved Age of Aquarius doesn't commence in 2012. Nor, does it begin in 2160; making them believe they can push their new agenda as we're in the transition stage.

After all, the last 150 yrs of an age that lasts 2,160 yrs could be considered 'entering the transition period'. Not to mention, we cannot prevent fate or destiny from occurring.

      Nevertheless, the Age of Pisces, where the Christ reigns supreme has been proven to last another 600 yrs. What the Piscean Age prevents is their  Idolatry  ideology where pedophilia and other deplorable acts are  justified and/or encouraged.

The leaders of Hollywood  ask 'God' once p/yr to forgive them for their lies. Yet, they control our entire information network, but we don't have to accept the lies for we possess a sovereign power on our side for many more centuries! 

        For proof the Age of Pisces (the fish which represents God) is here to stay, visit Pg. 7 Christianity and click on the glowing candle under the picture of the Pisces fish.

Don't postulate this 'era' isn't a favorable time to live, because its the greatest time ever to be living. This epoch presents us with the most opportunity. Yes, it's certainly true occultists have predomination over the top positions throughout America and Europe. Nonetheless, it's a really big world and you merely need mindfulness considering their lies. We can all maximize our human potential once we realize it has nothing to do with money or interest, and we learn our own body's capabilities-S.P.

  After acquiring the wisdom leaving you no connections to your negative past ,

  we then become indifferent to all worldly knowledge, therefore, establishing Divine Consciousness.

      Please voice your opinion, make requests for this site, and help others via the blog.

        Any picture, logo or paragraph marked with ⚔ means it's found within the book - Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction, Master Edition.

Bush Sr. & Jr. both swore in as President on the Freemason's Bible used by George Washington. Obviously, as members of Skull & Bones they belong as Masonic members. John Kerry's another Skull & Bones member. Bush Sr. was head of the C.I.A. & accused by J. Edgar Hoover & JFK Jr. of  orchestrating the J.F.K. assassination. Now Bush Jr. brings us to Afghanistan because the Taliban was destroying all the opium crop, though currently the world suffers from an explosion in heroin trafficking.

Visit Pg #2

The International Drug-Trade

Image result for No Drugs or Alcoholxt.

"the unseen forces are greater than the seen."

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feat. The Utter Failure of Christians

Page # 6  Christianity

        Alike all the other made-famous actors/ actresses in Hollywood, this one-time struggling Comedian⚡Actor had  to meet with a High-Ranking Jewish associate of Hollywood.     - Lady Gaga, who considers them a beloved ally simply refers to them by the name Evil.

                 Here, Jim Carey sold his soul to the devil and his barrage of box office hits began; earning him untold millions of dollars.

                 After finally breaking-down >with many years of fortune and fame credited than many other actors who simply break-down sooner, e.g. Katy Perry, Brittany Spears, etcetera< Jim has commenced a quest to learn the meaning of life; his and the world's existence. 

              After meditating for 1 year he opened is Mind's-Eye, so o speak, and was absolutely astonished by the rest of existence the average human's mind, eyes, and ears don't manifest; nor did he realize tis truth his entire life as he was 54 years of age at this moment in time.

    Nevertheless, Carey soon began experiencing a morbid depression as he now thinks there's no meaning to our life, but not merely our time spent in this physical human body, thereby our total existence seems invalid, useless, meaningless - truly non-existent. Jim is viewing everything in the Oneness experienced through a spiritual enlightening or 3r-Eye awakening.  Henceforth, what's the problematic concern with tis man and his beliefs?
    He's viewing everything through Buddhist and Hindu teachings/beliefs. HE ALREADY SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL allowing the overall oneness the only aspect of the spiritual realm to apprehend. The higher dimensions and the acterlife are a complicated yet amazing plae where we become part of all of God';s creataion. A oneness of bliss and love comes over us yet our soul travela with the spirit (at least in the lower realms: 4th,5th, and 6th dimensions)
   Carey's attempting a variableness of techniques, methods, and belief systems to save his life without having a soul. It's absolutely unbelievable that the ONLY WAY and the most WELL KNOWN OBVIOUS METHOD of gaining salvation through God he won't touch; not for one second. We watch this man losing his mind, whether he admits it or not he's desperate for help, he's surrounded by Jewish associates,  and BY FAR THE EASIEST, MOST EFFORTLESS, and most loving manner to implore is the asking for help from Jesus Christ; a man (and God) who'll love Jim Carey 10X's more than any member of Hollywood, Hinduism or Buddhism.....BUT CAREY NEVER ATTEMPTS THE LOVE OF CHRISTIANITY!!!

From Metaphysics (Pg #4), to Mysticism (Pg #7), to true Christianity (Pg #6), perhaps the range between the physical and spiritual worlds isn't as far as we've been falsely lead to believe. 


      Want to learn what Ground-Breaking recovery is ?

        When  addicts are manifest to the hindrances society has and will inevitably construct, to make a return to normalcy in this era can be an arduous expedition.

       Furthermore addicts who apprehend the true circumstances and powers behind the international drug-trade will come to the realization 

of their own once glorified criminal lifestyle. Initially feeling the fool,

they afterwards beseech redemption and their once

beloved drugs become their new hated enemy.

Read Ch. #7 Progression Back into Society                                      

               (Master Edition)


Why Faith and Knowledge is

far far Superior than any

Recovery Program Available  

Above:  Preview the Master Edition's

(commonly unimportant in other books)   

Preface, Book Info,  T.O.C. & Scripture Guide 


Older Eng. Style Literature



 - Faith and Knowledge is a New 21st Century Information-Age Movement AKA Recovery Program granting salvation to the innumerable lives infected by the greed and power-seeking of the evil Antichrist.                        

 - This movement targets the hardcore drug-addict abiding at rock-bottom levels within their lives. Whence they currently stand at a never before envisioned position which happens to be the impending, and seemingly inescapable, pits of Hell ;  Faith & Knowledge instruments a safe escape route. 




         Concerning Above Video: Unfortunately, it's most often necessary to Hit Rock Bottom, particularly for myself, a long-term hardcore drug addict. As explained in Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction: what you initially presume to be Rock Bottom, will by no means qualify as reaching this point. Eventually, when it appears things couldn't possible become any worse you'll then drop even another level lower to reach Rock Bottom.

  Includes many agents from Secret 

    Intelligence Services as sources

Click below to view Corpus Compendium 'Scripture Guide' in Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction ME. All  scriptures relate to the drug-addicted lifestyle

Edit. III  

The Master Edition

Do you comprehend why booze/liquor has been assigned the given name of Spirits?

        It's believed that alcohol sickens our body and makes the elements so uncomfortable for our Spirit and/or Soul, that it'll temporarily abandon our body (hovering above alike while in a dream-state) allowing evil malevolent Spirits in invade and alter our personalities.

Don't Die While Still An Addict, Or Your Soul May Burn In Hell for Eternity.

13 pg.

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Why is Alcohol Referred to as Spirits?


Faith & Knowledge Recovery Program for Hardcore Drug Addiction