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After the Faith & Knowledge Program,1st Version Book Published & Website Established, This paper was Shaun Prario's first article written for this (truth-revealing) Website. It's loaded with Secret Intelligence Personnel Sources who Decided to Expose the Truth About America After 9/11 Saw the Government Attack It's Own Citizens.

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20 Pg. PDF by Shaun Prario • Published 2012

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Forget National Sovereignty, No Longer is there European Sovereignty

9 Pg.

   The constant claims from Trump referring to Building a Wall, could be a Smoke-Screen to allow a record number of Illegal Immigrants to enter to Unites States. President Bush set forth an persona of tough border legislation, though the truth was almost as many illegal's enter the U.S. under Bush as there's ever been compared the the total history of this occurring on the Mexican border. Likewise, many citizens viewed Obama as weak, perhaps encouraging illegal immigration. On the contrary, the numbers of illegal dropped under Obama and deportations increased. Get my drift? Just assume the exact opposite of whatever claims the Politician make (including Trump) will occur.

     I guarantee what will happen is: the News Media will claims record numbers are flooding-over the border in order to arrive before the wall is complete. They'll claim the illegals have become additionally motivated and scores are attempting passage, because they're scared Trump sealing them off. This narrative will also allow Trump to continue appearing as if he's truly fighting to prevent this and may perhaps rally even more support moving forward because this difficult, costly, and time-consuming labor is involved to complete this project and halt the madness it has created.

     Speaking of time-consuming, we're already bearing-witness to the issue of funding and all the ridiculous trials and efforts throughout Congress to agree, vote on, and pass financial legislation.

     The version of Congress portrayed on television is nothing but a Hollywood Production. It certainly doesn't represent the true happenings of real Congress, the everyday real life Congress in Washington D.C. isn't paying attention or bothering with the small-time 'High-School Drama level' issues portrayed through our Marxist Media; and if you don't think we have a Communist style media-government relationship in America than you're completely out in left field when analyzing such matters as the accomplishments and/or problematic issues of our government that the U.S. media relates to the citizens.

     Perhaps, D. Trump truly does desire a border wall, well, in this case his desires won't matter because the President doesn't have the power to make such a goal occur anyhow. Furthermore, if the Deep State wants no borders between Canada and Mexico they'll never allow Trump to accomplish his goals. Seemingly, the Cabal has decided to implement a North American union, it may not occur for another 50 years, but it will happen eventually.             - S.P.

         A middle-school teacher in Austria is being prosecuted for saying to her students, 'the Prophet Mohammed was a pedophile for marrying a 6 year-old, molesting her until she was 9, and then began intercourse. Mohammed's wife Aisha records much of this story by way of scripture.

Official Report"A middle school teacher in the Austrian city of Bregenz is facing criminal prosecution for her comments regarding the founder of Islam. Vorarlberg Provincial Councillor Dr. Bernadette Mennel confirmed that the teacher was facing a criminal complaint when she said, “yes, there is an allegation against the teacher,”  VOL reports.

9 Pg.  Article  (PDF)

2 Pg.  Article  (PDF)

“The Jews are a peculiar people: Things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews. Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people, and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it. Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey threw out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchmen. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese and no one says a word about refugees. But in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone should insist that Israel must take back every single Arab. Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis. Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious it must sue for peace.”     ➖ Eric Hoffer

Image result for anti-Jewish quotes

The arrogance displayed, is almost inhuman.

         A few years ago the most recent wave of mass immigration was forced on the nations of Europe under the guise of migrants seeking shelter and safety from war-torn nations, but the truth's far more sinister.

    Anytime corrupt world leaders fear the truth of their evil agendas reaching the public and the fear of revolution becomes real - they'll utilize Divide-&Conquer techniques against the general populace to eliminate knowledge and unity. The best way to perform this technique is through mass immigration. Nevertheless, what's recently occurred in Europe is far more sinister! Not merely mass immigration but mass rape has been promoted!

      Although women and children are typically in the most dire need of assistance in time of warfare, these migrants are purposely been primarily adult males.  Muslim men from Africa (primarily Somalian) travel through Libya which recently had its security and economy destroyed by America's war under Pres. Obama which ended in the capture of their newly forced debt-based national bank now owned by the International Bankers. (Primarily the Rothschild's Bank of England).

    Furthermore, Israel has been responsible for the transportation of huge numbers of Muslim men (and some women) from their conquer territories in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. More Astonishingly and mostly unknown, while warfare raged in Syria, Israel expanded her border into the southern regions of Syria. The Israeli's then ethnically cleansed the towns of all Syrians, many of whom then ended up in Europe. (Israel even supplied transportation to many). Why wouldn't they simply go to the neighboring Arab nations? The answer's simple, the Israeli's have been attempting genocide of Europeans in many shapes and forms over the past few centuries and their recent actions are no different. The more rapes committed in Europe, the more national ethnicity will be destroyed! It's a sickening act against humanity which should be punished by the strictest methods available. The E.U has altered laws which allow more rape and less convictions and propaganda has been given to Muslims to inspire rapes of girls as young as 11-12 yrs. old!!            More Info in Section C.2 below on page






Genocide of European Ethnicities through Massive Rape & Immigration

Updated 6/09/20