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Linda  Moulton  Howe








Inter-Dimentional Beings Explained

      This woman (Howe) has dozens of available videos (interviews) which can be found online (You Tube etc.).  She repeatedly claims the C.I.A. has contacted her regarding UFO and alien phenomena. On the contrary, the C.I.A. operates in a classi-fied manner. If she was truly supplying this group with information classified from the public, she wouldn't then turn-around and announce these transactions to the public! It's simple and obvious; she's a fraud.

This Illuminati insider in the video above (right) will have some convinced our government isn't hiding UFO's but experimenting with tricking the public into believing Aliens and UFO's exist. 

 There's been 4,000+ documented eye-witness cases of people witnessing what they believed to be UFO's.

 ➖ Furthermore, an astonishing 3,500 times pilots have recorded they saw UFO's flying in the Earth's air space.

       (Well, supposedly but this is a fact we cannot prove). These are pilots for commercial airline companies, U.S. Navy/Air

      Force, and other highly credible sources.

 ➖ The head of the F.A.A. John Callahan claims UFO's have visited

   Unfortunately, for believers in Aliens and UFO's, what may appear to many as credible sources are truly unreliable

       and here's 2 examples:

    [1]  Astronaut Edgar Mitchel is one of many people who's confirmed there had been crashed Alien UFO's in the U.S. including the recovery

          of bodies. Mitchel was part of the Apollo 14 Program and supposedly the 6th man to step foot on the moon. 

    [2]  U.S. Army Sergeant Clifford Stone has claimed to be a member of a 'retrieval team' for UFO crash site/s

                                 - Neither of these men can be trusted and treated as reliable sources

Well, if the Moon isn't occupied by Aliens, why can't astral travelers visit there alike other locations?

      There's been a continuity of rumors for decades concerning the Financial-Elite and plans to utilize a fake Alien Invasion to install fear among the populace in the same manner of which they implore False-Flag attacks alike 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing, School-Shootings, etcetera.

      Could it be that sightings of real U.F.O.'s and possibly Aliens landing on Earth have derailed their plans and they're currently focused on concealing the truth concerning alien life?

      We also must realize the extent of this plan. To trick a majority of the earth's population into believing an alien invasion is currently occurring is a massive undertaking. Naturally, alike showing the (supposed) jets fly into the Trade Towers, television and tv news will be utilized and this technique will instantly convince millions. Lights in the sky will have millions more running around 'almost bragging' that they actually saw some of the U.F.O.'s. Nonetheless, they may feel they're not ready to successfully complete such a bizarre task.

      Nevertheless,if they're able to convince enough of the earth's population to abandon their religions... this accomplishes half of their goal.

       Awakening, located in library above:

                  "In my opinion this book will become the Bible on alien abduction phenomenon. ACERN became official in 1997 and

                    in  just over 14years have resourced over 1600 individuals."      -- Dr. Roger Leir

    "After 16 surgeries for the removal of foreign objects from the individuals who alleged alien abuction, and the individuals involved in the study all presented No noted portals of entry for any of the objects that were removed. There was no visible scar formation and there was no interruption of the integrity of the skin, even when examination was performed with a magnifying loop not only when examining the area involved but a large amount of the peripheral area. We used frequencies of ultra violet light to detect fluorecents in the area of the object. About 60% presented with positive U.V. light with color ranges from pink, green, to yellow."     --  Dr. Roger Leir


 Initial 45 minutes discusses the birth & growing threat of the Illuminati. Roughly 45 min into video the Illuminati Alien Conspiracy's  discussed.

   Thousands of books have been written on the subject of demonology which is the ancient and scholarly study of monsters and demons. The manifestations and occurrences described in this literature are identical to the UFO phenomenon. Victims of demonic possession suffer from the same medical and emotional symptoms as the UFO contactees.

                      ➖  John A. Keel 

(author of The Mothman Prophecies)

     The two individuals in the videos above, among others, astral-travel with relative ease yet the moon is one destination they continue to experience trouble visiting. Another man not seen in this videos once stated each of his attempts to astral-travel to the moon had him land inside a small room with a picture of the moon taped on its wall.    For more info visit page 4.2

Illuminati & the Alien Agenda

1.01 GB

Others believe head Illuminati families like the Rothschild's are working cooperatively with Satan to prepare mankind for the coming alien deception, so anything remains within the realm possibility to many people.


Are they Aliens or Demons?

Library • (Read/Save) 📓 4 Books 📜 9 Articles/Records

There's a great deal of fiction within this small library but we can still learn much from studying the claims made, aside from the entirely fantasized claims stated by pathetic losers seeking attention and/or to deceive the public.

The Nephilim

You Tube Page: Old Religion Dystopia: Knowing Vs. Belief

Published on May 17, 2018

Demons + Disembodied Spirits

You Tube Page: Private Universe
Published on Nov 8, 2016

[1]  "An impressive comparison can be made between UFO occupants and the popular conception of demons."

[2]  "The medical examinations to which abductees are said to be subjected, often accompanied by sadistic

          sexual manipulation is reminiscent of the medieval tales of encounters with demons."

                                                                                    ➖  (1) Messengers of Deception (2) Confrontations by Jacques Vallee

Unbelievable, either a little known fact or ignored by believers!

How to Stop An Alien Abduction  👽  18:39                               Advance Alien Technology  👽  3:03

More government employees spreading false truths


 U.F.O. Footage








Holograms, Military Craft, Demons, and Portals

Similarities to Demonic Encounters

these videos also appear on page 4.2

Image result for alien gifs

Alien Greys are depicted in Egyptian Antiquity

Wall Paintings as Spirits from the spirit world.

Furthermore, an Ancient Jewish text, seemingly, identifies Alien Grey's with the legendary Fallen Angels, stating their "apparel had been stripped" by God when cursed upon their exile from the Heavens. They're said to have a weak appearance with funny looking faces. 

          Other ancient texts describes their 'fetus' looking appearance.

Q:  Did a UFO truly crash at Roswell New Mexico in 1947?                                                           A: Yes, most-likely; however, the title UFO merely describes its disk-shape

                                                                                                                                                                             appearance (saucer) and not the fact this craft was unknown to humans. 

Black Forrest, Germany 1945,

        Nazi scientists crashed a prototype of humanity's first UFO-style (saucer) aircraft. Though, others were spotted in combat skies by allied pilots and their crew. These flying-saucers were known as Foo-Fighters to the allies.

         While these early speculations and reports were limited primarily to military personnel, the earliest assertion of German flying saucers in the mass media appears to have been an article which appeared in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale d'Italia in early 1950. Written by Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo, an Italian scientist and a former Italian Minister of National Economy under the Mussolini regime, it claimed that "types of flying discs were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942.

Two German Flying Saucer designs,

  [1]  "A non-rotating disk developed at Breslau by V-2 rocket engineer Richard Miethe, which was captured by the Soviets, while Miethe fled to the US via France, and

        ended up working for Avro Canada who produced their own 1953.
  [2]  A disk developed by Rudolf Schriever and Klaus Habermohl at Prague, which consisted of a ring of moving turbine blades around a fixed cockpit. Klein claimed that

        he had witnessed this craft's first manned flight on 14 February 1945, when it managed to climb to 12,400 m (40,700 ft) in 3 minutes and attained a speed of 2,200

        km/h (1,400 mph) in level flight. Wikipedia

         After the war ended, Nazi scientist were brought inside the United States for top-secret aircraft manufacturing programs including rocket propulsion,  flying wing aeronautical designs as the first stealth (undetected by radar) aircraft, and flying-saucers. These UFO's (flying saucers) weren't truly unidentifiable, but to any of the public which bore-witness they'd certainly be classified as U.F.O.'s. sh

         it's highly-likely that one of these flying disks crashed in 1Roswell in the year 1947 (as the Nazi's built their own in underground facilities) while still in preliminary stages of production, not to mention, though great accomplishments were reached in the design and performance of these aircraft, the former-Nazis and our U.S. military were never able to reach the levels of 'control' required to officially label these flying saucers as reliable, safe, and worthy of full-scale production.  S.P.

Abductees suffer feeling Paralyzed, report Sexual and DNA manipulation for Hybridization, which lead to God orchestrating the Great Flood, and many more similarities to Demonic Attacks.

Remember, sometimes we may come across videos on You Tube or claims printed in certain magazines or newspapers (which upon research they have strong connections with each other, possibly identical owners) yet upon further research there's no additional accounts of such claims or evidence directly debunking the theories presented to us.