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         One of Jim Morrison's most admired idols was a poet named Arthur Rimbaud. This french poet was known for his influence on modern literature and arts. Rimbaud had grown sick of the fame he acquired and took it upon himself to go into hiding. As far as his friends, family and fans were concerned, Rimbaud had simply disappeared one day. It wasn't until years later everyone learned he was still alive when he turned up in France; revealing that he has disappeared on his own accord.

          Jim Morrison had also grown weary of his fame. He announced he was leaving the Doors, (his band), he grew a beard, gained weight, and went to France with his long tenured girlfriend Pamela.

        In July, 1971 it was announced that Morrison had overdosed and died from using heroin. On the contrary, Morrison was never known to use heroin. Yes, Jim took many drugs but was primarily a drunk. Not to mention, he hated needles! Nonetheless, authorities were quick to announce the overdose narrative and Morrison was quickly buried. By the time anyone was able to make the trip to Paris, like his former band members, they would discover his body was already buried and no autopsy was ever performed! Furthermore, it was discovered that the doctor who signed his death certificate never even existed! Clearly this sequence of events doesn't add up.

    Pamela would die a few years later. Not surprisingly, many devoted fans who knew the heroin overdose narrative to be a hoax, continued to believe, Jim Morrison was living a quiet private life away from the limelight in similar fashion to that of his favorite poet Arthur Rimbaud. Notwithstanding, Morrison never reappeared later in life as Rimbaud did. Therefore, Morrison was probably dead but the events of 1971 may have been falsified in some way; we'll never know the full truth, but it;s easy to accept why many devoted fans believe he's still alive.

French poet: Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud
Born: October 20, 1854, Charleville-Mézières, France
Died: November 10, 1891, Marseille, France

Books: A Season in Hell, The Drunken Boat, Illuminations, etc.

Movies: The Poem

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Why do Conspiracy Theorists believe Jim Morrison is still alive, or at least lived past his documented death in 1971 A.D.

Are they just crazy fans? Well, they're probably wrong, but don't be so quick to attach negative labels upon others.

We must perform our own research and become educated on such matters (if we choose to have an opinion).

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Watch Verity's Jim Morrison Death Video on You Tube @  https://youtu.be/sSmnMlWECe0

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