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Ancient Literature & Historical Antiquity

        Homer's Odyssey also inspired a 20th century book titled Ulysses, a novel which took place all in one day in Dublin, Ireland. This book was been banned from the United States until 1933 and in England until 1937. Ulysses was originally published in 1922. The reasoning behind its ban was by on the

ground that it might cause its American

readers to harbor impure and lustful thoughts. 

 Read the 1933 Article by the N.Y. Times concerning the Ulysses ban being lifted in the U.S.

3 Pg. PDF

        Virgil, the Roman Poet, authored his work titled Aeneid which closely resembles the Odyssey as it occurs after the fall of Troy with Aeneid making his way around the ravaged city and thereafter his travels bring him all the way to become the founder of Rome. Virgil uses exact passages from the Odyssey and translates much of Homer's work into Latin.

Works Inspired by Homer's Odyssey:

      Homer's epic gets credit for a date of 700 B.C. but many scholars believe it to be written around 900 B.C. making the Trojan War recent history resulting in much of Homer's writing to be fairly accurate history.

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Last Page Update: 12/27/20  {Xmas)

The Age of Romanticism, which followed the Age of Enlightenment:

          It is a delicious moment, certainly, that of being well nestled in bed, and feeling that you shall drop gently to sleep. The good is  ; the spirit of consciousness disengages itself come, not past; the limbs have just been tired enough to render the remaining in one posture delightful; the labor of the day is gone. A gentle failure of the perceptions creeps over you ; the spirit of consciousness disengages itself once more, and with slow and hushing degrees like a mother detaching her hand from that of a sleeping child, the mind seems to have a balmy lid closing over it, like the eye,-it is closed,-the mysterious spirit has gone to take its airy rounds.

                                                                                                        - Leigh Hunt

Leigh Hunt

               James Henry Leigh Hunt, best known as Leigh Hunt, was an English critic, essayist and poet. Hunt co-founded The Examiner, a leading intellectual journal expounding radical principles. He was the centre of the Hampstead-based group that included William Hazlitt and Charles Lamb, known as the 'Hunt circle'. - (Wikipedia)

Born: October 19, 1784, Southgate, London, United KingdomDied: August 28, 1859,

             Putney, London, United Kingdom

Books: The Autobiography Of Leigh Hunt, The Story of Rimini, etc.

Posted by: Shaun Prario (Founder & Producer of the Verity Outlet)  12/25/2020 [Xmas Day]

Sub-Title:  From Plato and Socrates to Ethics and Metaphysics an Essential Primer on History of Thought




Ancient Greek Literature or Literature Concerning Thereof