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     Following the Faith & Knowledge Program,1st edit. Book Published & Website Est., This paper was the 1st article written for this Website. It's loaded with Secret Intelligence Personnel Sources who Decided to  Disclose Certain Hidden-Truths Concerning the USA post 9/11.


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The Occultism and Sophistical Behaviors of America & Britain's Ruling Class

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  Death of Princess Diana 🔼🔽 Immersed in Occultism

                If you’re an individual who believes that Princess Diane, (former) member of Great Britain’s Windsor Royal family died in a car accident by fault of her chauffeur drinking-and-driving; you have the right of free-will to perceive the mainstream media’s version of events as the truth; whereas, you’ll waste-away time and thoughts in your one and only lifetime on beliefs which are false, but perchance you’re not overly excited about these events or merely accept what you’re told. On the contrary, if you consider yourself highly interested and involved with such matters, then you need to align yourself with truth. Why? As stated previously, as far as we’re aware, you only have one life to live and certain portions of God’s gift of life are worthless and bombarded with Satanic lies and whilst we contemplate the negative effects this brings upon us; it’s simply a waste of time and thoughts in your life; these lies are eating-away at society.

                Elton John dubbed Princess Diane England’s Rose, because of the occult meaning behind the rose. This wasn't something specifically tied to Elton John, but others involved would certainly have recognized it had a deeper occult meaning just as her death was effortlessly apprehended as a ritual sacrifice. Thereupon, whilst commencing an examination in to the occult symbolism used in the memorials to Diana’s memory,firstly let's come to the realization that Lady Di represented the Sacred Feminine of paganism. Lady Diana was typically considered by the media as the “People’s Princess”. A loving, caring and beautiful person, who retained all the attributes to befall into subject of modern idolatry. In other words, she fulfilled the Illuminati’s/Freemason’s need to worship a female goddess. Diana was previously chosen and groomed for her role as a modern-day Goddess. Every action performed by these Satanic Occultist’s, whether hidden or not, is truly part of a larger role, a sort of play, they act-out in all their activities. To the Windsor House and other associates alike the House of Rothschild, ‘twas known all along Diana would ultimately be sacrificed in accordance with ancient pagan practices. This might sound preposterous to the average citizen not paying attention to the actions of the world’s elite, nor the events continually unfolding in our modern society. At the bottom of this article I'll deliver an analysis explanation of these events listed below. Any media source or author who claims not to comprehend the occultism within these circumstances I’ve provided; merely identifies this mainstream source as a liar and/someone who specializes in disinformation campaigns. The death of JFK was never and still isn't a mystery to our ruling-class, as the perpetrators blatantly took responsibility for the assassination directly after events unfolded by placing occult symbolism on his memorial across from the Hall of Freemasonry which was the location of his shooting on November 22nd. (11=22=33).

               Numerous occult symbols have surrounded the events of her death and memorial, and are visible to everybody, yet only recognizable by those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear”. Diana has been elevated to the level of Goddess in order to become the object of ritual sacrifice. This practice has been carefully planned by a secret group of illuminated or enlightened individuals, often referred to as the “Illuminati”. It comprises world leaders such as the monarch of Britain and they're known to be deeply versed into dark occult rituals; not to mention, extraordinary levels of pedophilia and child sacrifice.

              The Goddess Diana In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of nature, childbirth, hunting and the protect or of the weak. She is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis and she represents the Sacred Feminine, the female aspect of deity. Princess Diana bore the same attributes by being a protector of the environment, taking care of the weak in her missions to third world countries, and by giving birth to the future heirs of England’s throne. Oak tree groves were especially sacred to the Goddess Diana. In Roman times, Diana’s groves and sanctuaries were always in the wild, outside of the boundaries of the city. Such hidden temples were found all across Europe. To further the resemblance with the Goddess bearing her name, Lady Diana was buried in a grove in her hometown (more on this later). The Goddess Diana is often depicted with deer and doves. The female principle is often represented by the moon, where the Moon goddess is opposite to the Sun god. The feminine energy is also commonly associated with the planet Venus, represented in symbolism by a five-flower–rose. The goddess figure appears unmistakably in all religions, even in Christianity as the Virgin Mary. These symbols representing the female deity exist since prehistoric times and were preserved and diffused through pagan mysteries and through mystic Judeo and Christian teachings. Today’s students of the occult effortlessly recognize and interpret these symbols. We will later explain how they have been used to associate Lady Di with the concept.

              Pontd’Alma Tunnel was the chosen sacrificial site as you may already know, Princess Diana died in a limousine “accident” inside the Pontd’ Alma tunnel which is located inside Paris. Her vehicle was supposedly chased by paparazzi who caused the world-class chauffeur to lose control due to his inebriated state after consuming alcohol. We can argue for days about the theories concerning these events, but this is not the purpose of this article. The truth lies in the symbols placed on purpose for the initiates to recognize. One of these symbols consists of the actual site where Diana lost her life, the Pont D’AlmaTunnel. This tunnel travels underground and now I'll explain why Diana had to die in such a manner; below ground.

               The city of Paris was built by the Merovingians, a medieval dynasty which ruled France for numerous generations. Before converting to Christianity, the Merovingian religion was a mysterious brand of paganism.•“...the Merovingian kings, from their founder Meroveeto Clovis (who converted to Christianity in 496) were‘ pagan king of the cult of Diana. The Pont D’Alma Tunnel was a sacred site dedicated to the Moon Goddess Diana, where they used to practice ritual sacrifices. During the ceremonies, it was of upmost importance that the sacrificed victim died inside the underground temple. The assassination of Diana was a reenactment of this ancient pagan tradition. Shortly after Diana was killed, Rayelan Allan (a researcher of esoteric history since the early1970’s,who was also married to Gunther Russbacher, a deep cover CIA/ONI operative) wrote an article called “Diana,Queen of Heaven”. The article was picked up by numerous newspapers across the United States and Europe. Several authors who have written books about the death of Princess Diana used Rayelan’s article as reference. However, no one understood in its entirety the deeper meaning of the article. Therefore, Rayelan decided to expand his article into a book. The book states that in pre-Christian times,

the Pont d’Almaarea had been the site of a pagan temple of the

goddess Diana and a direct gateway to heaven. Mindful of this

safety net, the place was chosen by the Merovingian kings

(500-751A.D.) to fight their duels, with the loser going directly

to paradise. “Pont” means “bridge” and “Alma” means “soul”.

       Furthermore, don't forget the level of intensity which our ruling-

class hate free press and alternative news. Independent news

reporters have been targets of our government for years, as in the

U.S. they've narrowed-down the news to a few mainstream

agencies which are easily controlled. This car accident, though a

large strobe-light was flashed upon the driver inside the tunnel by secret

intelligence forces, was blamed on the independent media paparazzi's

camera's flashes going off at a high rate and disturbing the already drunk

driver; what a joke of a story-line! This claim was implored as a tactic to

remove some of the freedoms independent media outlets had within

England. They even utilized a photographer on a scooter who exited the

tunnel in front of a crowd of people while Diana was supposedly still alive

in the car wreckage inside the tunnel.

Occult Growing within America

       For Americans supporting liberal social and religious ideologies, the messages from occult movements may seem appealing; equality of all religions and people, or the belief in an ability to utilize spiritual paths for therapeutic reasons. The American occult has also contributed to popular movements which subsist throughout modern mainstream avenues, akin to positive-thinking, meditation, and 12-step programs. On the contrary, like most aspects of life and duality, the occult preeminently comes with a far more sinister side.

      On the more alarming side of this subject, a 2010 U.S. census identified witchcraft as the nation's fourth-largest religion. Satanism, some of witch may be involved in witchcraft, is additionally developing in its popularity.

      Most Catholic do believe that the devil exists, but is largely absent from their lives. After all, one of the maxims of the American way of life is “Live and let live.” Let the devil be and hopefully he'll leave us be. The alarming fact which many fail to recognize is the very high-risk of becoming involved with the occult which our children are at. Not to mention, how much the world is becoming more accepting of the devil.

Title: Esoteric Agenda

You Tube Pg:  Talismanicidols

Redeeming Truth Rating: 9.0  (1-10)

Length: 2 Hours 6 Minutes 24 Seconds (2:06:24)

Pixels Quality:  480p  (Best Available Free Online)

Title: Jewish Ritual Murder

Producer: A.Z.L.  (antizionistleague.com)

Redeeming Truth Rating: 8.0  (1-10)

Length: 1 Hours 12 Minutes 40 Seconds (1:12:40)

Pixel Quality:  720p

Title: The Mystery Religions Operating the U.S. Govern.


Redeeming Truth Rating: 9.0  (1-10)

Length: 2 Minutes 8 Seconds (2:8)

Pixels Quality:  720p

      When viewing the Mystery Religions video to the right, we apprehend the Paganism/Occultism involved with the Iraq War. Furthermore, if we apply additional mind to the primary disturbing events in Western society, we discover this same behavior implored within most of these events; including so-called Terrorist Attacks and even Mass Shootings. To learn about these evil acts and gain the ability to perceive future events and perhaps prophecize on events to come - read the article to the right or visit Pg. 2.3 False Flag Terrorism... to learn how a quick observation study of the Friday the 13th France attack outlined clues which displayed the following attack to come in Belgium that occurred on another pagan holiday.

The god Baál is a demonic representation of Satan,

       found throughout the Old Testament, the Hebrew people sinned

on multiple occasions as they repeatedly returned to Baal worship,

and continue doing-so to this day.

Pg. #6 Christianity features a video titled, "Baal is Back & the Deep State'.

2016: A recreation of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph was unveiled in New York on Monday, almost a year after Islamic State militants destroyed the original structure. The 1,800-year-old Roman arch was blown up by the extremist group last October, but a team of archeologists at Oxford University’s Institute for Digital archeology (IDA) set about recreating it, in an act of resistance to Isis’s rampant acts of cultural destruction in Iraq and Syria. Standing at two-thirds the scale of the original, the arch is made of Egyptian marble and was built using 3D printing technology, based on photographs of the original arch. Isis (named after the Masonic Goddess, though sold to the commoners as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) captured the city from government forces in May 2015, and progressively damaged its Roman-era ruins, staging mass executions in the ancient amphitheater.

Though Manhattan was chosen for the monuments original location, it caused an avalanche of controversy and the project was derailed. Therefore, London became the home for the satanic monument. "Our leaders" even chose Baltaine Day for the unveiling of the arch, as this holiday is dedicated to Child Sacrifice; a requirement of Baal worship. This gross ceremony was attended by powerful government and industry leaders, mostly supplied from the E.U. (European Union).

Thereafter, Baal's Arch (which [the original] stood as the entrance to the Temple of Baal) made it's way to N.Y.C. and was erected in front of the U.N. and Mayor's office; a few blocks away from Ground Zero. The media changed its tone calling the monument The Palmyra Arch, as the original was located in Palmyra, Syria. The Mayor of N.Y.C. followed the orders of his Luciferian leaders by delivering a speech which detailed Baal's Arch as a representation of freedom. But, freedom from what? Baal represents freedom from God, and the Mayor certainly meant this when he spoke of freedom.

A replica of Palmyra's Arch of Triumph in London

Unfortunately, it's primarily only followers of Christ who realize this deception which has now existed for thousands of years and continues to be placed upon our modern populace. It's further disappointing that most Christians aren't paying attention to this, and simply fail to perceive the happenings which surround them as they're too involved with their busy work and family lives. Our younger generation becomes more and more exposed to harmful seducing spirits. The most utilized seducing spirit, another representation of Satan and the primary example of Satan, is the Baphomet. (Goatman). This gross symbolism is commonly displayed as a head in a pentagram and the most applied logo of Satan by the satanists/luciferians around the world. Henceforth, where have our leaders implored the Baphomet in public for all to see?.....

2015: The Satanic Temple unveiled a 9-foot (2.7 m) tall bronze

sculpture depicting Baphomet, in Detroit, Michigan. The group

attempted to have the statue installed alongside the Ten

Commandments Monument in Oklahoma. The one-ton

sculpture shows Baphomet, with a human body and a goat's

head, with a little boy and a girl; however, this gross example

displaying its additional dedication to pedophilia was a bit

too much for O.K. Nonetheless, a Baphomet statue would

soon arrive on the State House lawn in Arkansas!

2017: A 35mi. underground railway named the Goddard Tunnel in Switzerland was opened with a strange and grand ceremony. This event was accompanied by power government and industry leaders from around the world; particularly, from the E.U. (European Union). There was people dressed in demonic costumes dancing and suspended from cables. At the head of these individuals was the Baphomet; a man dressed as the Goat-Man. (man w/goat-head). In front of the Baphomet, a representation of Satan, was other people performing sex acts, apparently enjoyed by our leaders.

Pastor Carl C. was a former investigator for the police and has now been bringing this blatant and public luciferian worship by the financial-elite to the public's attention via the internet, but of 'course he's been labeled a conspiracy theorist and this term first coined by the C.I.A. in 1967 continues to hide the truth from many's eyes.

Besides, child sacrifice, Baal worship is centered around sex orgies with the sex focused on all openings giving heavy attention to oral and anal sex. This perverted sex also includes males, children, and animals - this, is Baal worship.

Jeremiah 32:35 ➖ “And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.”

The Black Mass - Ultimate Satanic Ritual

           Eye witnesses in Rome have reported that Henry Kissinger and George H. W. Bush have attended such rituals inside the catacombs of the Vatican.

           "To attend a Black Mass at the Vatican is the highest of honors for satanist's,” said Leo Zagami, a former high level Illuminati member who recently defected and started telling the truth about the inner secrets of the Vatican satanists. “I know for a fact George H. Bush and Kissinger have attended Black Masses at the Vatican.”

           High level Vatican priests of course deny any connection to Satanism, saying Black Masses are occult rituals carried out by groups such as the Church of Satan.

           Of 'course, these masses occurred after the Vatican II council when diabolical forces infiltrated Vatican City. For more information on this topic, watch: MasonicVatican, 250 Years of Infiltration Attempts on Shaun You Tube Pg. Redeeming Truth & Verity Libraries or Pg. 6 Christianity (main menu above).

           Malachi Martin, a Jesuit Priest said a great deal of the child molestation occurring now within the Catholic church is actually Satanic worship on behalf of Freemasons who technically (according to Catholic Dogma) aren't even allowed to be members of the church on any level. (Deacon to Pope). Part of the Luciferian rites of many of the priests, nuns, and hierarchy. He intimates that many who engage in this kind of “worship” are indeed secret Masons. The traditionalist Cardinals residing in high positions in Vatican City are becoming fewer in number as they continue to fight out these forces yet according to Cardinal Burke, the battle is all but lost.

           Unfortunately, the high-majority of Catholics across America (and world-wide) perceive not what's occurring within the walls of Vatican City.


                    Oxford English Dictionary: the term occult was first used in 1545, meaning that which is “not apprehended, or not apprehensible, by the mind; beyond the range of understanding or of ordinary knowledge.” Later, in 1633, the word received an additional meaning, defining occultism as “ancient and medieval reputed sciences, held to involve the knowledge or use of agencies of a secret and mysterious nature (as magic, alchemy, astrology, and theology).” Modern definitions continue to be similar. The occult is mysterious, secret and disclosed typically only to the initiated. The occult contains elements such as magic, astrology, and other alleged sciences claiming knowledge of the secret, or use of the supernatural. (proper term: preternatural, as supernatural technically describes something that is extremely natural.)  Prior to the seventeenth century, science and the occult maintained a close relationship. Of ‘course a strong relationship between the occult and the preternatural has separated the occult from mainstream sciences. Nonetheless, with the rise of outward occultism expressed by the financial-elite ruling class within the United States and elsewhere, modern occultism is being projected as pertaining to more paranormal or supernormal, meaning not scientifically explainable or beyond the normal, rather than merely existing as supernatural. Likewise, magical and supernatural qualities certainly continue to exist in the modern occult. Minor aspects of occultism have been common for decades now, like hypnosis. Simple Astrology has always appeared in all newspapers across the U.S. – that is, when newspapers were still prevalent.

                  Many individuals practice one primary aspect of the occult through studying its mystical worldview with a magical outlook, and hidden symbolism; a sacred religious outlook. Yet, for others there’s divination, an act of predicting the future (fortune telling) via an ‘open’ 3rd eye for reading auras or by conjuring spirits. Astrology and black magic are also both involved in occultism. An occult/mystical worldview is active in many cultures including in America. New Age practices have their foundation in Eastern religions and ancient Jewish cults which also gave rise to Christian Gnosticism. Expressions of the occult have taken the strongest hold since the last quarter of the twentieth century. Allowing occultism to grow and spread in America, mainstream science and the overall populace has seen a rise in their involvement and understanding of quantum-physics and particularly in metaphysics. The most commonly practiced elements of the occult are Ancient Paganism, Astrology, Divination, (via: cartomancy, crystal-gazing, palm-reading, Ouija boards, Prophetic Dreams and Visions, Numerology, I Ching, etcetera), Meditation practices like Kundalini, Spiritualism or Necromance, Witchcraft, Satanism or Luciferianism, White/Black Magic, Paranormal Experiences, any capturing of information via a 6th sense, and even unidentifiable flying objects. The advanced occultist attempts contact with untapped powers and paranormal energies. Typically, the mastery of this craft is utilized to manipulate or influence other people for personal gain. While the New Age movement may initially focus on one’s personal well-being, it too focuses on an overall paradigm shift on all of humanity; though claimed for positive human advancement. The promise of godhood, the divinity of humanity, and for one to become a living god are all preached in occultism. This aspect always alerts Christianity as it was originally within the Garden of Eden when the serpent promised Eve she’d become “like a god herself, knowing good and evil.” This train of thought is vigorous throughout satanism and luciferianism. Nearly all forms of occult philosophy insist that the true or real human self is synonymous with God. Next, occult philosophy generally says that “all is one, God is everything (pantheism).” There exists only one reality (monism), and thus “everyone and everything in the material world is part of the Divine.” Consequently, there is no difference between the natural and supernatural, good and evil, God and Satan.

                  Now, the Faith & Knowledge library, also known as The Verity Outlet Libraries at https://verityoutlet.com, has an entire library section dedicated to Metaphysics. (consciousness of all/one). It’s fascinating how minimally educated people are on these subject matters. It’s stunning how little the average person knows about the abilities of their own being. The primary motivation behind these books and videos found within this library are to prove to the everyone the existence of their own human soul; which resides throughout the human Nervous System. It’s true, we’re multi-dimensional beings, but the question lies whether or not we’re meant to experience anything other than the 3rd dimension while our physical body is abode of the soul and we live out our human lives on this planet we call earth.  A New Ager will tell you that ‘life’s purpose is to achieve awareness of the divine within yourself. Self-realization becomes the path to salvation by enlightenment, illumination, or union with all. Firstly, gnosis (knowledge) is procured and then personal experience is the only way to achieve full gnosis. The root of the human dilemma is ignorance, not sin and forgiveness isn’t a requirement for salvation. By utilizing spiritual techniques such as chanting, yoga, and meditation, and by applying universal laws, the “realized being” becomes master of his or her own reality and can influence the lives of other people as well. During the time of Jesus Christ followed by His Apostles traveling abroad, the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ was the master Miracle Healer. Summoning demons and applying magic was no contest for the Holy Spirit and no meditation to ‘open’ the 3rd eye was required to execute this power. Slowly occult practices subsided, making a return during the Renaissance period. This late medieval period was popular with Alchemy, Geomancy, or perhaps Scrying.

                 The Law of Attraction is another related aspect of the New Age movement. It’s more arduous for most people to believe in demonic entities than our/or all thoughts existing in the etheric realm effecting our own mind and daily lives’, but is this true? Does the Law of Attraction truly work? Putting out thoughts into the ether is probably a bunch of bulls#*#. People are being deceived into working with demonic entities. Theosophy has been the primary source of the modern revival in occultism and also gave birth to the New Age movement. The Freemasons and related Secret Societies all highly delve into the occult. Currently, with the United States of America, a rich ruling-class is becoming more openly defiant towards Christianity and expressing their pagan beliefs in public; while continuing their pagan rituals in private, though much of this behavior many are now keen to. (Sophistical Society Library, veerityoutlet.com). Theosophical claims are the coming to an end of the Age of Pisces, the era of Christianity, rationalism, and science; will soon be replaced by the Age of Aquarius. This new golden age was to be one of peace, brotherhood, progress, mysticism, and occult knowledge. Our top-leaders are almost all worshiper's of Lucifer and this satanic worship which allows pedophilia (perhaps, encourages for mind-control purposes) is being displayed everywhere through media and public monuments; even public ceremonies. The occult-metaphysical movements have been described as counter-cultural and the Luciferianism of the so-called elite who’re attempting to establish their New World Order is no different; perchance it’s now become far more precarious.                                    


Catherine Albanese spoke on its growing nature throughout America:
                  “_prepared by American culture to turn toward self” and the universe in their pursuit for religious certainty. The Protestant tradition had generally supported the importance of knowledge or belief in religion. Then the liberal wing of Protestantism modified this approach. It “stressed the presence of God everywhere” and underscored American optimism concerning the innate goodness of human nature. Liberalism’s “diffusiveness and lack of strong boundaries” helped people to adjust to the idea of living comfortably without rigid religious guidelines. The holiness tradition, also, had fostered a perfectionism that “could easily be linked to metaphysical views.” At the same time, the urban and corporate organization of society weighed against the development of strong community life. Of necessity, in their everyday lives’ individuals began to depend more on internal resources. Thus, the occult and metaphysical movements blended into the cultural mainstream. _Astrology gave people a sense of identity” and assisted them in establishing secure relationships with others.”

L. Pauwels and J. Berger, The Morning of the Magicians (New York: Avon, 1973); Woods, Occult Revolution, 21-22.
Quoted in Mircea Eliade, Occultism, Witchcraft and Cultural Fashions (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1976), 48.
Robert Galbreath, “Explaining Modern Occultism,” in The Occult in America, 20-21; Richard Kyle, The New Age Movement in American Culture (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1995), 47-55.
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Catherine Albanese, America: Religions and Religion (Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1981), 183-84. See also Os Guinness, The Dust of Death (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1973), 280-81.
Richard Kyle, The Religious Fringe: A History of Alternative Religions in America (InterVarsity, 1993) and The New Age Movement in American Culture (University Press of America, 1995).

Also visit: Library Page #4 [Metaphysics]

52:21  1080p

Genre: Occult Documentary

Title: Voodoo Killing: The Boy in the Thames (Crime Documentary) 

By: Real Stories

Published: Feb. 22, 2017

Click for 8 Pg. PDF

Click for 6 Pg. PDF


Moloch, or Molech, the 'god' Owl.

     Your emoji's may appear innocent, yet due to the positioning and design of the owl, typically, the owl emoji's don't appear as this one does on the left but in the same position as the carving/picture on the right.

Title: Occult Forces [1943] The mysteries of Freemasonry....

     "Following WW2, the film's writer, Jean-Marie Rivière, was imprisoned. Its producer, Robert Muzard, and director, Paul Riche (the pseudonym of Jean Mamy), were EXECUTED (+1949) for their part in the production of this film."


Mentioned in this 6 page writing of documented cases of Jewish Ritual Murder is the 1144 A.D. case of a little English  boy named Thomas. This account was recorded by Thomas Monomouth in his 428 pg. book titled St. Thomas of Norwich. Click on the book to read and/or download.

49:15  360p

Genre: Ancient History

Title: Blood on the Altar (Human Sacrifice Documentary) Timeline

By: Timeline - World History Documentaries

Published: Dec. 22, 2017

Updated on 12/3/2020

Now Ft. 16 pgs.

19:37  360p

Genre: Ancient History

Title: Bram Stoker's Dracula An Occult Analysis

          Thomas Sheridan

By: Beyond Room 313

Published: June 20, 2019

Bram Stoker was a member of the Golden Dawn

Eyes Wide Shut

    Many have scene this movie with it's scenes of occultism, but what most don't realize is that this scene depicted above was actually filmed inside one of the Rothschild family mansions where it's believed similar behavior occurs in real life.

8:30  360p

Genre: Occult Documentary

Title: Is There An Occult Connection to NASA

By: Earth Ministry News

Published: May 22, 2016

Also Watch on Verity 2

Title: Occult AmericaWeb Pg: Verity 2, the Secret Outlet 

Redeeming Truth Rating: 8.0  (1-10)

Length: 2 Hours 45 Minutes 55 Seconds (2:45:55)

Pixels Quality:  480p  (Best Available Free Online)