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     Following the Faith & Knowledge Program,1st edit. Book Published & Website Est., This paper was the 1st article written for this Website. It's loaded with Secret Intelligence Personnel Sources who Decided to  Disclose Certain Hidden-Truths Concerning the USA post 9/11.

Highly-Esteemed Documentary  

Antichrist Identification/Warning

Don't Desire Christ in the 21st Century? This Video Shines Light on Justification.

Antichrist Trickery: 

Promoting the '1 World Religion' 

          Fallen Angels and the

Bloodlines of the Messianic Seed

   The Masonic War Against the Catholic Church in Mexico   

   "Each kidnapped Nun was assigned to a Group of 4 Soldiers for Repeated Rapes"

   (Probably utilizing crucifixes and wearing Devil-Horns. The type of cruel actions

   committed in East Europe & Russia after the Zionist Communists stole power.)

       -This war was backed by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson

         (An obvious Mason who sold the USA to the Federal Reserve)

Discussing the Film and Magdalene the Prostitute?

           This documentary mentions Pope Gregory the Great references the story taken from within the pages of the sacred Gospel of Matthew. In this narrative,  a woman only identified as a sinner barges in on Christ and the now upset Apostles to anoint the feet of Jesus with oil and her tears, followed by drying Christ's feet with her own hair. Pope Gregory firmly declared this woman to be none-other than Mary Magdalene and labelled her with the sin of prostitution. Although, nowhere in the Gospels validates this claim, the accusation smeared her name for centuries which retains its belief my many to this day.

           Some may feel disgruntled with the Pope over this incident. Nonetheless, the more credible place in this Gospel to stake such a claim would be when the gospel states a group of women traveled around with Christ and his Apostles, supporting them financially. Thereafter, the first women mentioned by name is Mary Magdalene.


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       Suppressed History

       The Attack on Christianity in the New World of false Religious Freedoms. Just because someone says something, it's not true if they act otherwise. *not depicted in this video is how this cruel act symbolizes one of the primary reasoning behind the Spanish-America War which Christians wrongly celebrate...is everything a lie in America?

       Personally, I possess mixed feelings when referring to the famed Apostle Paul. Likewise, strong feelings of gratitude flow from my inner being into thy direction of this amazing man. How could this not be the situation when this man walked tens-of-thousands of miles enduring multiple imprisonments and tortures to help implement a 2,000 yr. reign of Christianity?

          Nevertheless, we're presented with a preeminent matter of contention whence contemplating thoughts on Paul never meeting Jesus the man. Of 'course, we acknowledge Paul Had met Jesus post-Resurrection, and was bestowed with divine knowledge from above. Furthermore, Paul was thoroughly educated on Cristian matters through men such as, primarily, Barnabas the Jew and disciple of Christ and Mark who wrote a Gospel and was the son of a major disciple of Jesus. It's also possible that 'twas Mark and his mother's house where the Last Supper took place and the receiving of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost occurred.


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Faith & Knowledge Libraries by redeemingtruth come visit:

Committing the same errors: displays how obvious 'tis that people possess little knowledge on true history. Causing the deprivation of society to weaken the structure and unity for a take-over, has been implemented by the same religion over and over again.

People Absent From the Holy Spirit

Becoming Possessed by Another Person Opening Their Minds-Eye

Our Lady of Guadalupe 

 Unlocking the Mysteries of Theology















re-post June 1, 2018

Christian News
Britain a 'Christian country'? Careful there, prime minister!
April 23, 2014 | By Michael McGough
Prime Minister David Cameron is under fire for suggesting that Britain “should be more confident about our status as a Christian country.” That assertion came in a column the Tory leader wrote for the Church Times, an Anglican publication. In good Anglican fashion, Cameron was careful to add that “being more confident about our status as a Christian country does not somehow involve doing down other faiths or passing judgment on those with no faith at all.” He also confessed to being a “rather classic” member of the Church of England: “not that regular in attendance, and a bit vague on some of the more difficult parts of the faith.” The prime minister's diffidence didn't help him with his critics, who saw his “privileging” of Christianity as incompatible with contemporary multicultural Britain.

Israel/America's paying the rebels to murder Christians
Syria's Assad pays visit to recaptured Christian town on Easter
April 20, 2014 | By Patrick J. McDonnell and Nabih Bulos
DAMASCUS, Syria - President Bashar Assad made a symbolic Easter visit Sunday to the heavily damaged town of Maaloula, a Christian landmark enclave recaptured from Islamist rebels last week by government forces. The president's visit, broadcast on state television, underscored his efforts to portray himself as a defender of Christians and other minorities as he prepares for an expected reelection bid in the midst of a devastating war now in its fourth year. Maaloula and several of its historic churches sustained significant damage during heavy fighting and bombardment.

Poland is Furious With Trump’s Signing Of Holocaust Law
12 May 2018 Posted by Corey Barnett

                                  "How much $ do they need? Take, Take.... why don't they give?" S.P.

        Poland Believes It Is Unfairly Targeted. The White House announced on May 9 that United States President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order requiring restitution for all Holocaust victims. He signed the “Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today Act” or JUST. The law instructs the State Department on how to have oversight of the return of assets which were seized by the Nazi-occupied nations at the time of the Holocaust. 

        This news was not received kindly by the Polish Government. Polish nationalists protested in front of the US Embassy alleging that the American Government is now interfering in Polish internal affairs. It is to be noted Poland continues to be the only country that still does not have a legal restitution process.

        Jacek Czaputowicz, the Polish Foreign Minister, told the media the new law efficiently puts Jewish claimants over non-Jewish ones. He alleged the American law would divide Polish society. The JUST instructs the Department of State to review international reports on human rights. It must determine if a country is acting in compliance with international agreements reached in the Terezin Declaration on Holocaust Era Assets and Related Issues. Because of Poland’s lack of national laws, this would mean the State Department would increase pressure toward the country to return any wrongfully transferred or seized property.

            The definition of property, in this case, include religious or communal property. It also includes equitable compensation to the rightful owner. This could mean either public property or private property. The Polish government may be asked to return property the government owns or work with private citizens in returning any identified assets that are flagged as wrongly taken during the Holocaust.     A total of 46 countries approved the Terezin Declaration. Jan Fischer, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic announced it officially during a closing ceremony held on June 30, 2009. All participating nations highlighted the importance of providing due restitution for both individual and communal immovable property. This could be seen as a reaction to Poland passing a law that bans any public speech that accuses Poland of blame for the Holocaust.

 🌎  World  ⛪  Christian  📆 📊  News  📈 📉

April 1, 2018
The Anti-Christian Movement
By E.M. Cadwaladr
          I used to be an atheist. My understanding of "atheism" was simply that it is the belief that there is no God. I was an empiricist: I believed in what could be seen – the material world and nothing more. I did not hate Christians. At worst, I thought they were naïve and foolish for their religious beliefs, but I knew many Christians I respected, including for their insight and intelligence.
           Today, "atheism" means something entirely different from a simple lack of belief in God. What atheism has become can be more accurately described as "the anti-Christian movement." It is a movement that assumes that Christianity isn't merely naïve and false, but a major cause of social ills, something worth the effort to actively ferret out and purge from our society. This anti-Christian crusade has been both supported by, and a natural outgrowth of, the much larger program of cultural Marxism.

          Anti-clericalism is nothing new, but many atheists of the past were at least coherent. They believed that the complex triune God of Christianity was silly, but they didn't think Shiva, Allah, or Zeus was any better. Like me, they simply believed in the here and now and not in the unseen and scientifically unverifiable. The new atheists are different. They are not really bound by cold, materialist, scientific facts. Although they claim that science and reason are on their side, they often are not very knowledgeable about either. More often, they are interested only in co-opting the human authority science has acquired. Science is a brand for today's atheists, not a discipline. The new atheism is generally forgiving toward Hinduism and can be almost reverent regarding Buddhism. While I grant that Buddhism is essentially godless, it's a long way from being a collection of empirical facts. Buddha's claims are certainly no more objectively verifiable than Christ's. Nirvana is no easier to find on a star chart than the Christian Heaven.
         Uninterested in hard materialism, today's atheists believe in an emotional narrative invented and reinvented at the whim of politically motivated human beings. Today's atheism is not a philosophical position, but a political one. Superficially, the anti-Christian movement espouses the view that Christianity is uniquely evil in its intolerance – their word for the fact that we have standards. Christianity, like Western civilization, is squeezed into the usual Marxist mold as just another instrument of oppression. But without batting an eye, many of today's atheists manage to believe that Islam, an objectively more intolerant, more misogynistic, and far more bloodthirsty system of beliefs than Christianity – is somehow forgivable, or even a net social boon. In truth, the new atheism isn't about helping the "oppressed" – any more than it is about the non-belief in God or the exclusive belief in the world we can grasp with our senses. It is about being a vocal part of the identity group of avid Christian-haters. A political entity. It is about inventing yet another substitute sense of identity and purpose to replace the Christian sense of identity and purpose that it struggles to destroy.
          The anti-Christian movement of today, like all other Marxist or neo-Marxist splinter groups, draws its strength from a simple, if unstated, promise: All the world's aggrieved can acquire social acceptance and the unholy grail of victim status by denouncing someone else as an oppressor and working for his destruction.
In the preface of Richard Dawkins's book The God Delusion, we find the following revealing statement:
I suspect – well, I am sure – that there are lots of people out there who have been brought up in some religion or other, are unhappy in it, don't believe it, or are worried about the evils that are done in its name; people who feel vague yearnings to leave their parents' religion and wish they could, but just don't realize that leaving is an option.
         This is a Marxist meme on the time-honored pattern. Marx himself was less whiney in tone, the product of more forthright times: "Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!"
What Dawkins is saying, perhaps without even fully understanding the meme that he himself has swallowed, is that if you've been raised in a Christian household, you're a victim. By telling you this, Richard Dawkins makes himself a kind of revolutionary hero. If gold medals were awarded for virtue-signaling, The God Delusion would have won the prize for 2006. Am I being unfair? Perhaps where Dawkins lives, people who turn away from God are burned alive as witches. Perhaps – but I doubt it. The last time I checked, death sentences for apostasy were rather rare outside the Muslim world, where Dawkins's book is ineffective, being banned. Or maybe he was talking about only the sad fate of atheists being shunned by other people – the unspeakable emotional trauma of "stigma." Try openly declaring your Christian faith at all but a handful of universities in America, and you will find out exactly what intolerance and vindictive outrage is. Nor is it merely Dawkins who plays this tune. Other authors have likened a Christian upbringing to child abuse. This is a thinly veiled threat, since child abuse is punishable by law. Overall, the message is clear:
         Renounce your faith and you'll have instant standing as a victim; keep it, and you will be counted as one of the few groups liberals are encouraged to hate – and potentially persecute as well.
         While I'm not an advocate of affirmative action, it is telling that practically all new atheists are white, and most of them are men. This is probably no coincidence. If you are black, Latino, female, or any foreigner with solid non-white credentials, you have ready-made victim status that will charm the neo-Marxist heart. You don't need atheism to get your ration of liberal street cred. If you happen to be a white man, though, you have to make up something to earn your right to exist. Not all white men looking for a victim group to hide in are willing to emasculate themselves as anything from beta males to "transwomen," so anti-Christian militancy has been, for some, the painless alternative. As the tone of cultural Marxist rhetoric becomes more strident, however, the new atheism has lost most of its value as a refuge. Unlike being non-white, atheism is perceived as a matter of choice. It doesn't really count. Unlike being a surgically altered transsexual, mere Christian-hating isn't much of a commitment. In the weird and wondrous world of continuous social upheaval driven by social Marxist critical theory, atheists, like gay men, are yesterday's heroes – thrown into the liberal lake of fire as more radical departures from traditional society are concocted. God forgives – but Marxism has no room for either gratitude or forgiveness. Only the collective matters. The individual is a mere means.

Right Column Features Dated Articles




John Ramirez - the former 'Son of Satan' exposes the evil in our world many Christian's,  undoubtedly Atheists & Scientists, apprehend not.

       Ramirez states the Muslim god Allah is a demon! Also, we understand homosexuality is abnormal, but is it wrong? Should individuals worry about others sexuality?  It can sound ignorant to hear people say, "God doesn't like gays." Are we even positive homosexuality is anti-God behavior? Probably so but perhaps not, although according to this video, homosexuals are a product of Satan, therefore, we're not under the duty of God and/or it could be very harmful to the future of humanity to continue allowing growing populations of gays. It's considered satanic because of the disgracing of God's creation.


Beloved Christian Videos Shinning in Positive Light, Bestowed Upon Us Within the Angle Which Only the Christ  Initiates So Beautifully.

Forewarning of Danger

                      For the individual involved in the Faith & Knowledge to Overcome Addiction Program: 

                         Step #1 was focusing on yourself and a 1-on-1 relationship 

                          with God.  Step #2 is helping others -  2 Corinthians 1: 3-4   "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the 

                          Father of mercies and God of all comfort; who confronts us in all of our affliction so that we may be able to comfort those

                         who're in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God." ...Christ has even appointed us

                          authority in this matter by saying, "you are the salt of the earth and the light of the word." (Matthew 5:13-14) > though

                                      originally directed to His disciples to heal people as they traveled and spread the proper word of God, through Apostolic succession

                                     and the current problems of today, by following God's word and with a desire to perform the work Christ ordered we implore the

                                 same teachings today which Jesus spread 2,000 yrs ago to open the eye of many and save as many souls as possible by the End of Days.      

* Every American President's been related to England's Royal Family - none  Christian. Nowadays, we don't even have any  Congressman  who're Christians, just  Occultist's; mainly Luciferian. Therefore, why's the Christian populace supporting/voting them into office?

Recommended You Tube title, for fascinating modern news, instruction in our behavior and reverance for God, and expaination why we are in the End Times:

" lyn leahz prophecy evidence we are on the verge of tribulation"

These documentaries below are going to display the SEVERE problematic concerns of our society caused by diabolical forces unleashed upon the world and entering into the very life of the church which leads souls astray from truth. Consequently, Christians suffer without the divine love that flows from the glorious pierced heart of Jesus.

        Though not readable in this format, this letter from Pope Clemens was designed to install and enforce new rules to prevent church infiltration at the hands of Freemasons. We bear-witness to this behavior for hundreds of years whence investigating the Catholic Church. 

     Additionally found within the Library of the Christ on Page 6.3 from the main menu located at the top of this page, is a writing 'against Masonic infiltration' from Pope Leo XIII in PDF format I encourage all to read for acquiring an understanding of what the Catholic Church has undergone and why it is the way it is today. Also, for a deeper analysis visit: verity.webstarts.com

        When the Apostles failed at casting out a more powerful demon from someone after they obtained the Holy Spirit and were seeming defeating the demons with ease through the name of Christ, Jesus arrived and removed the demon for them. Whereupon, they asked Jesus why the prayers weren't enough to cast'em out and He replied by explaining to them sometimes along with the casting-out prayers they need to be fasting as well. - Any Christian with the Holy Spirit can cast out demons, though we typically allow doctors to prescribe medications, etcetera, instead of coming to the realization that demons are real and cause of many of our problems.



  9/17/18       Masonic Pastors Take-Over Baptist Church


         The Vatican isn't the only Christian hub we've seen massive Masonic infiltration. It's now believe that maybe as many as 90% of ALL Southern Baptist Pastors are now Freemasons. And similar to the other international programs to license and train Pastors quickly, they bring massive amounts of materialism into the churches as the deep worship of Christ is fooling Christians into accepting more and more materialism.

        I personally witness a non-denomination church using a projector screen which commenced with scripture but soon was displaying children's toys. If the church desires capturing children's attention than mention the fact the Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birthday - that's it!


Don't Blame the Catholic Church, Vatican City Has Been Infiltrated

   Bishop Richard Williamson speaks on the Masonic Infiltration (and Jesuits, both of whom who technically aren't allowed as clergy in the Catholic Church) and how fighting against this problem destroying the Church has become a lost cause.

     Europeans are victims and not at fault for the recent misfortunes. Since WWII, Europe has been subjected to massive amounts of Israeli propaganda. Many have embraced anti-Christian and Liberal ideology. Now they've been stabbed in the back and women everywhere are being raped and many cities have been taken away from their host countries. (700+ under Sharia Law).

            The E.U. controls everything and laws have been passed making it illegal for people to speak-out against Israeli dominance and their influence in the E.U. Not to mention, the E.U. hates Christ more than anything else! Furthermore, remember that European news reports from American MSM sources will always be misleading.

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Don't Miss Out On These Movies 

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From the Archives of the New York Times July 14, 1977
2 Priests Charged In Exorcism Death of German Woman   -> Learn the True Story!
ASCHAFFENBURG, West Germany, July 13 (AP)  "Two Roman Catholic priests were charged with negligent homicide today In the death of Anneliese Michel, who underwent exorcism a year ago, the Aschaffenburg prosecutor announced. The 23‐year‐old woman's parents, Josef and Anna Michel, were indicted on the same charge, the prosecutor, Karl Stenger, said at a news conference in this north Bavarian city. If convicted, the defendants could get five years in jail.
         The German priests, Ernst Alt and Wilhelm Renz, said they conducted the exorcism rites in a church‐approved attempt to free Miss Michel of demons after four years of medical treatment failed to cure her "epilepsy". She had been an education student at the University of Würzburg. She died July 1, 1976, of undernourishment after several months of the exorcism rites conducted at her home in Klingenberg, 30 miles west of Würzburg. During the rites, she refused food and medical help and her weight dropped to 70 pounds before she died at home. The prosecutor said Miss Michel's death could have been prevented if she had received medical help. He said the priests and her parents must have recognized she was dying.
        Bishop Josef Stangl of the diocese of Wurzburg and a Jesuit priest, Adolf Rodewyk of Frankfurt, two other churchmen under investigation in the case, were not indicted.. Bishop Stangl approved the exorcism on the recommendation of Father Rodewyk, an 82‐year‐old expert on the rite. The bishop also appointed the two priests—Fathers Alt and Renz—to carry it out."


      Epilepsy, huh. This normal girl began drinking her own urine and eating spiders! Let's not forget that the devil was having her to eat nails, or shall we say, he was eating nails through her in an attempt to kill her.

         The question's not whether this was merely a mental health issue but whether the priest were utilizing the name of Jesus Christ correctly. Could this girl truly not be saved?

        It seems to me, she must've been possessed; it was the Priests who required penance and fasting for the name of Christ to be fully utilized.

        I Traveled to Hell & Back to Unearth the Truth & Then Bestow it upon Others Currently Affected By the Drugs of the Antichrist.

Film features Drug Trafficking by Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. and Oliver North

1. Martyrs of the Roman Empire 52:01                                             

2. For the Seeking Considering Quitting 25:06                       

3. Eyewitnesses to Christ 1:33:00                                                          

4. Prophecy of Revelation, The Book of Daniel 36:53        

5. From Jesus to Christ, and the 1st Christians 3:42:09      

6. Jesus Parables w/End Times Prophecy  1:28:14               

7. Book of Revelation, As Never Seen Before 1:34:01

8. Deep Prayer & Practice of Spiritual Encounter 57:14

9. Golgotha & the Garden of, In Jerusalem 6:12

10. Warning: The End of Times 3:52

11. The 12 Disciples 48:23

12. How to Defeat Demons 1:01:53









7:57               UHD 4K

41:14               720p



45:21           LQ 360p



Forgotten Bible Teachings That Are Still Valid Today:

           The Holy Spirit allows Miracle Healing to occur by thy hands of those who possess this spirit from God. The church eventually chose a more dignified view in front of the world, and by result, healing's were no longer. Though, we shall no longer forget our blessing from God, our power to heal. When the Pharisee's in the days of Christ accused Jesus of utilizing Black Magic; this was blaspheming against the Holy Spirit; an act not to be forgiven.       - S.P.                          

Why do Christians with NDE's travel through a tube with a bright light at the end leading to Heaven??  Perchance, this event occurs because this tube protects us from the Astral Realms which so many are traveling to on their own lately, as seen on Page # 3.2.  Seemingly, this tube is our direct link to God and Heaven. (Beware of the Demonic Astral Realm or eventually you may regret this decision.

Or type in your browser: redeemingtruth.com/jesus_movies.html





                                    It's Dangerous to Consider Ourselves to be Equal with God

        The New-Age movement teaches this false-reality and so do other religions but in all cases, the reason why and the stories involved change.

        There was no perfect all-mighty God within Norse Mythology. Instead, the gods weren't perfect; meaning they truly weren't gods. So, what can we gain if anything from philosophy like this?

          Just as the gods will one day die, so too will each individual human being. And just as the gods will go out and face their fate with dignity, honor, and courage, so too can humans. In this view, the inevitability of death and misfortune should not paralyze us, but should instead spur us to hold noble attitudes and do noble deeds – the kind worthy of being recounted many years later.

         In Christianity, we simply gain this inspiration through our beloved Saints. Therefore,

I encourage you to read. search the Christian Library on Page 6.3 from Menu or click right

An enormous amount of Americans are now engaging in New-Age practices (witchcraft / occultism) which includes summoning Spirits. [Many videos on pages 4 & 4.2].

             Many turn to Christ after discerning Spirits for Demons acting like wolves-in-sheep's-clothing. Other's remain adamant good Spirit-Guides (alike guardian-angels) exist & it's up to us, to stay on a heightened level of vibration to weave out the bad spirits; but how does our New Testament instruct us on such matters? Furthermore, is there prophecy on this behavior & warnings supplied to us through our faith?

2 Timothy 3:12-17

                    12 In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, 13 while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. 14 But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, 15 and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 2 : 24 -26

       24 And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 25 Opponents must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 26 and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.




       A sculpture of "McJesus" — Ronald McDonald nailed to the cross — sparked outrage among Israel's Christian Arab community in Haifa. The sculpture has been on display in the Haifa Museum of Art for months. Some Christians have called the artwork offensive and called for its removal.

Police say hundreds of Christians demonstrated outside the museum last week. Some even attempted to enter the building to take the sculpture down.

The protest turned violent when some people in the crowd hurled rocks at authorities. Three police officers were injured by the rocks. One protestor told Walla News the Israeli government ignored calls to remove the statue because the complaints were coming from Christians. "If they put up [a sculpture of] Hitler with a Torah scroll they would immediately respond," he told the Walla news site.

Culture Minister Miri Regev urged Haifa Museum director Nissim Tal to take down the sculpture. "Disrespect of religious symbols sacred to many worshipers in the world as an act of artistic protest is illegitimate and cannot serve as art at a cultural institution supported by state funds," she wrote in a letter. It turns out Christians aren't the only ones who want the sculpture removed. The artist who created it, Jani Leinonen, does not want his artwork displayed in Israel because he supports boycotts, divestments, and sanctions against the Jewish State.

Leinonen told local media he thought his sculpture had already been removed. "Israel overtly uses culture as a form of propaganda to whitewash or justify its regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people," he told The Jerusalem Post in explaining his removal request. The museum said it borrowed the work from a gallery in Finland and had not received a request to remove it.

Did you know?

       God is everywhere—even in the news. That’s why we view every news story through the lens of faith. We are committed to delivering quality independent Christian journalism you can trust. But it takes a lot of hard work, time, and money to do what we do. Help us continue to be a voice for truth in the media by supporting CBN News for as little as $1. Support CBN News.

                                                            Israels a nation of deception and brainwashing; naught occurs by accident -S.P.

     As theories state, the Atlanteans (from Atlantis) were a highly developed Spiritual people who retained full function of the Pineal-Gland, otherwise known as the Mind's Eye. (or 3rd Eye). Eventually, their culture was destroyed because many began utilizing Black Magic to attack their enemies out of greed and thirst for power. These sins led to a cataclysm we know as the Great Flood and Atlantis was destroyed.

      The practice of Black Magic remained, at least on some level, up until the Christ had arrived and for a few centuries after. But God's Son reminded His people they've been granted dominion over the Spirit Realm and Demonic Entities. Thereafter, His first Apostles received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost (50 days post-resurrection) and traveled about casting demons out of possessed people and defeated others using magic. (e.g. St. Paul defeating Simon Magnus).

     Eventually, more and more people were impressed with the Christians ability to defeat evil spirits and black magic. They didn't even have to implore their own magic, as a witch or another with an 'open 3rd Eye. Actually, eventually the Spiritual World was forgotten to exist because of the Christ's power, an individual would now most-likely have to engage in some type of esoteric behavior in order to open a portal which allowed demonic beings to enter into the 3rd dimension.

     Of 'course, nowadays we have a ruling-class, the financial-elite, who practice Luciferianism and they're using the media and school system to eliminate Christianity, preach materialism, science, and atheism. All the while, they're extremely religious themselves and know their greatest obstacle is Christianity; they've even successfully infiltrated Vatican City after 280+ yrs. of documented attempts. (watch MasonicVatican: A 280+yr. Infiltration on the Main Menu). Unfortunately, many with the United States including our younger generation and progressive-liberals are falling victim to their deception as Satan continues to grow in power; though he can never defeat the God.

Image result for hD rare Jesus Christ pics.

 'Putin as the savior of Christian civilization'

The perception of Putin as a "lion of Christianity" is another prominent feature of the alt-right's affection for the Russian leader.

Christopher Stroop, a scholar whose work centers around modern Russian history, has characterized many of today's alt-right figures as 'Traditionalist International"— a movement centered around the supremacy and "shared blood" of white Christians inspired largely by Russia's religious, nationalist turn spearheaded by Putin at the start of his third term.

Putin has stirred up Russian nationalism by cultivating a closer relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church, which in turn has helped "project Russia as the natural ally of all those who pine for a more secure, illiberal world free from the tradition-crushing rush of globalization, multiculturalism and women's and gay rights," The New York Times' Andrew Higgins wrote in September.


DO Christians Fail to Apprehend What Confirms Jesus As Messiah? And New Ager's Fail to Comprehend Consciousness.

     Ron Cohen was raised a Jew, turned powerful Guru with psychic abilities able to perform healings and other miracles, and finally witnessed the greater power of Christ who he continues following today. He unveils was the Jewish Talmud says regarding the 3 miracles only the Messiah can perform. Though we find these miracle within the gospels, most Christians have no idea how significant they truly were.

     Ron Cohen states he traveled all throughout India bearing-witness to miracles. He mentions a guru who held-out his hand and would make ashes, even peanuts, fall from his fingertips. 

  (a demon causes ashes/peanuts manifest just under his fingers, allowing them to give onseers

    the impression the man's releasing them from his fingertips or manifesting them himself.)

       There are accounts of people involved in New Age possibly performing some of the same miracles as Christ, (filling baskets with fish and/or other foods), but Cohen states he's never seen nor heard of any of the 3 famed messiah miracles occurring. He also mentions the dark feeling of an evil presence that engulfs the atmosphere at the scene of a performed healing. This darkness is caused by Satan's henchmen, demons being the true beings performing the miracles. Furthermore, Ron Cohen says the control you when they desire, but besides these moments you possess no emotions or thoughts of your own.

       Yes, the New Age practice  (incl. meditations, seeking consciousness,  occultism, witchcraft and sorcery, etc.),  is real and people can gain superhuman powers via evil spirits abiding within them. Although, they're not truly seeking 

 consciousness or universal consciousness, but earthly consciousness controlled by Satan!

    True consciousness is not a universal spirit but our individual soul or mind. Following Christianity isn't being in a cult, through Jesus we have consciousness and individuality. Nor, was it Satan who gave us this in the Garden of Eden, or some ancient aliens, so don't believe twisted versions of ancient history; its all designed to control yo like robots!

Click above or below to watch

Ron Cohen's testimony on You Tube.


Nonetheless,, we can always learn from other's viewpoints. Also, Christians never speak-out referring to the rebuilding of Babylon (USA), the great marketplace, a world trading center, whose merchants become rich, and the women live in luxury. Where men steal, practice extortion, and worship lifeless idols; from the Statue of Liberty - the Mother of Harlots, to the tens-of-thousands of statues that dot our landscape in every town and city. But not merely having statues, no, USA's leaders actually engage in idolatry ideology. (pagan rituals).

        "They only have land because we've given it to them and yet they hate us, attempting to poison our wells."

       "Let me give you my honest advice. First, their synagogues should be set on fire and whatever does not burn-up should be spread over and covered with dirt so that no-one may be able to see a cinder or stone of it. Secondly, their homes should be likewise broken-down and destroyed, for they perpetuate the same things there that they do in their synagogues. For this reason they ought to be put under one roof or in a stable."

   - Martin Luther, Foremost Reformer

          "The Synagogue is worse than a brothel, it's the den of scoundrels, a house of wild beasts. A temple of demons devoted to idolatrous cults and the cavern of devils. It is a criminal assembly of Jews, a place of meeting for the assassins of Christ. A house worse than a drinking shop, a den of thieves, a house of ill-fame, a dwelling of inadequacy, the refuge of devils, a gulf and an abyss of perdition. I would say the same things about their souls. As for me, I hate the synagogue. I hate the Jews for the same reason."


                                                                                                             - St. John Chrysostom

             "How hateful are thee, the enemy of your scripture. How I wish you would sleigh them with your two-edged sword, so there would be nobody left to oppose your word"                           


                                                                                                           - St. Augustine of Hippo

            "Yes you Jews, do I address you, you to this very day deny the Son of God. How long poor wretches, will ye not believe the truth? Truly I doubt whether a Jew can be really human_ I lead-out from its den a monstrous animal and show it as a laughing stock in the amphitheater of the world."

                                                                                                                        - Peter the Venerable, 12th Century

     I have two Jewish friends who became firm believer's in Christ, primarily because of the lies bestowed upon them via their own Rabbi's. Both these men were astonished at the scripture found within the pages of the New Testament, whence at first reading this book at approximately thirty-years of age. They previously and regularly had been reminded by their Rabbi's to remain clear of the New Testament. That it was far from religious scripture and merely a book written by gentiles, originally by the evil Romans. They claimed it was loaded with hatred of Jews and further stated the New Testament to contain advice on how to persecute the Jews. The latter statement, being one of its primary functions!

      Therefore, whence these two Jewish men first read the New Testament they were astonished to learn its narrative took place in Judaea and Galilee; not to mention, that it occurred amongst Jewish people. They were astonished to learn that it involved stories of Pharisees, the God of Israel, and that Jesus has taught in the Second Temple of Jerusalem!

       Most Christian assume the Jews are aware of these primary aspects of Christianity. We tend to think they could perhaps be upset we inherited their scripture (among additional reasons) we now call the Old Testament which outlines three-quarters of the Bible. Nevertheless, the entire notion of Jesus and the first Christians being Jewish had been concealed from them, by their own leaders, for two-thousand years.

     Always stubborn in his nature, believing not to disrespect his ancestors, even though as Elder's they constantly re-write scripture and history, the Jewish Pharisee/Elder/Rabbi has remain terrified his people will turn to Christ once becoming exposed to the entire narrative of events which occurred in the Holy Land dating from Moses to the Christ in the first century A.D.

        What's remarkable concerning Jewish behavior is the similarities of the Ashkenazim Jews from the land of Kazar in Russia (95+% of all Jews world-wide) who were merely forced converts, by their king, during the 8th Century and the Sephardi Jews who believe their ancestors originate from Palestine, but all that we know is they are the descendants of the 15th century Spanish Jews. Perhaps, I should say Jews abiding within Spanish borders as the Jews themselves say there's no such thing as German Jews or American Jews, etc; merely Jews living in Germany or Jews living in America. When comparing the behavior of the Sephardi in Spain opposed to the Ashkenazim Jews behavior in places such as Germany, Poland, and Russia; we arrive at mere identical analysis'.

        Quite possibly, the Jewish behavior of the Poor-Us Cry and schooling their young with the belief everyone's out to get them hasn't been in their best interest; despite its recent magnanimous success in the U.S.A. and Europe. Well, perchance it would be more accurate if I wrote not in the best interest of humanity, because these false accusations have led to the Jews building walls between them and the other peoples in all lands they've lived. Literally, building walls in Palestine as in the late-19th, Early-20th century Palestine; this behavior commence with purchasing consecutive lots of land and fencing them off from the Christian and Muslim Palestinians who were taking-aback by this unfriendly behavior. "Why did they come to live here then?"- was the common thought of Palestinians. '

         Forever frightened of the thought their children would uncover truth (concerning their evil behavior, the gifts and welcoming of other peoples, and that the Messiah had already arrived) the Jew designed a picture of the world which depicts anyone disparate from themselves as evil people who desire nothing more than the persecution of Jews; as if anyone who care to concern their affairs with the Jews if the Jew wasn't already provoking confrontation. Undoubtedly, the primary source for the Poor-Us Cry is their pure hate for other people; a deep and pure hate for humanity. .

        The Askenazim has developed into Zionism, foremost lead by the Rothschild family and secondly by other Illuminati members of Freemasonry. Thereupon, after utilizing the Poor-Us Cry to establish the nation of Israel on the former lands of Judaea, create a false narrative of WWII which erroneously includes a violent Holocaust aimed at specifically the Jewish people, and capture the majority percentage of power in the United States (the ultimate prize of the 20th century), Israel is already becoming less and less religious/Jewish as the Dark Cabal (top Illuminati headed by Rothschild's, Rockefeller's,and others) desires their beloved Satanism, a new Luciferian religion to become the world's one and only religion. Surely, all other forms of religion are destined to be illegal if these evil powers continue their accomplishments towards this ultimate goal on the same steady pace of which they've done so the past one-hundred years. Outlawing Christianity will occur in Europe before America as this already occurred in from Poland throughout Russia after the Jewish Bolsheviks usurped the Russian government in 1917 and installed Marxism (communism). Karl Marx, by the way, both he and his wife came from a long ancestral line of Rabbi's.

       The world should've known the Rothschild families version of Judaism when the implanted the six-pointed pentagon from their own family-crest famously hung above the door to their Hamburg bank, as the new logo for the Jewish people. This isn't the original Hebrew sign. When the 10 Hebrew Tribes of Israel split-off with the Jews from the Tribe of Judah, it was just after the time of King Solomon. Solomon was highly active in witchcraft and the pentagon, the so-called Star of David, is a symbol required to conjure demonic spirits and continues to be implore for every conjuring to this very day.

      As we continue to face immense threats from the faithfully Jewish people we must in addition confront their secret society Luciferian sect which has allied with gentile Freemasonry. The Royal families of Europe and many aristocrats were disobedient towards Christianity for many centuries and these same people, nowadays being their descendants have formed and joined Freemasonry - the great evil of this world. It was Freemasons who provoked every war since the French Revolution and though headed by so-called Jews, these Jews practice a far more Satanic version of what most envision their religion to be, and this is accomplished through ancient Kabbalistic teachings. Boneheads in Hollywood like Leonardo DiCaprio was always obsessed with learning these teachings that it's reported for many he did what ever it took to be initiated into the ranks to be a trusted member positioned where this knowledge would be imparted to him. Of 'course, it's common knowledge numerous adult men had sex with DiCaprio; this occurring possibly hundreds of times.

1 Timothy 4:1 N.I.V.

          1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

Image result for jesus.

Image result for jesus.

5/3/19              History Channel to air new series on the Christ, Jesus from Nazareth,

                       but can we trust it, or will the Antichrist's true agenda shine through?

    In 2016 a new Jesus movie titled Risen, was released under the guise of a Christian film. On the contrary, this movie was clearly designed to depict the followers of Christ as guilty of stealing Jesus' dead body to falsely portray the resurrection, and for this sole reason Christianity became (falsely) prevalent. The film failed to mention His abundance of healing miracles which as we're told in the Gospels, only a small fraction were written down and recorded for history. Recently, the History Channel has aired programs with the false claim of forty-five original Gospels and not merely the four found in the New Testament. When accounting for the Nag Hammadi Gnostic Gospels, one learns disparate views of Jesus. Commonly called Jewish Christianity, many of these gnostic ideas concerning the life of Christ resurfaced in the seventh-century within the new religion of Islam.

                Of 'course, when discussing Jesus' healing miracles recorded within the pages of the blessed New Testament, three are considered to be the most miraculous with the given title of Messianic Miracles, (explained above), as recorded in the Jewish Talmud; that's if we consider the book derived from Babylon to hold any weight. We must remember, The Talmud had been accused all through history, particularly in medieval Europe as a truly satanic book, and not a true holy book, but we shouldn't consider this literature to lie referring to what they truly believed to be the miracles only their coming and one true Messiah could perform. The reason behind this thinking is the fact these people clearly didn't desire declaring anything which would declare Jesus as the Christ. It's also quite possible, they failed to apprehend these miracles being recorded in the Christian New Testament.                                                                                    Fact: During the time of Jesus Christ, more Jews lived in Babylon than in Judaea.

Click Bottom-Right Corner to Enlarge

              You Tube, an escape from Hollywood and

            mainstream cable companies & news outlets. 


            Unfortunately, You Tube isn't who produces these videos and is, itself, also owned by the evil Satanist who own Google. Though, other video/streaming sites exist: most-likely anything you find to watch will additionally be available on You Tube. Yes, Google employees will delete videos supplying Truth News or ban a whole Page such as they did with Redeeming Truth documentaries page by- Shaun Prario, now called The Verity Outlet. 

            However, with so many citizens out there who've downloaded these videos into their hard-drives (The Verity Outlet Library holds 1,000+), deleted videos can quickly be re-uploaded to You Tube. Nevertheless, as Google attempts monopolizing the flow of information on the web, we should be weary of this site and commence working towards building-up the other non-Google owned sites available.

Miracles of Jesus: Healing a Paralyzed Man

by Whitney Hopler

Updated July 15, 2017

The story of how Jesus healed a paralyzed man shows two types of miracles. One could be seen, as the paralyzed man was able to get up and walk. But the first miracle was unseen, as Jesus said he was granting forgiveness for the man's sins. This second claim set Jesus at odds with the Pharisees and constituted a claim that Jesus was the Son of God.
The Paralyzed Man Seeks Healing from Jesus

A large crowd of people had gathered in the home where Jesus Christ was staying in the town of Capernaum, seeking to learn from Jesus and perhaps experience some of the miraculous healing power they had heard was coming from Jesus. So when a group of friends tried to carry a paralyzed man on a mat into the house, hoping to bring him to Jesus' attention for healing, they couldn't get through the crowd.

That didn't stop the paralytic's determined friends, however. They decided what to whatever it took to get the man to Jesus. The Bible describes this famous story in Matthew 9: 1-8, Mark 2:1-12, and Luke 5:17-26.
A Hole in the Roof

The story begins with the paralyzed man's friends finding a way to get him in front of Jesus. Luke 5:17-19 records: "One day Jesus was teaching, and Pharisees and teachers of the law were sitting there. They had come from every village of Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem. And the power of the Lord was with Jesus to heal the sick. Some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a mat and tried to take him into the house to lay him before Jesus. When they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus."

Imagine the shock of the people in the crowd who saw a man descending on a mat from a hole in the ceiling to the floor below. The man's friends had done their best to get him to Jesus, and the man himself had risked giving his all for the healing that he hoped Jesus would give him.

If the man fell off the mat while being lowered down, he would be injured even more than he already was, and he he would be unable to help himself back onto the mat. If he wasn't healed, he would lie there, humiliated, with many people staring at him. But the man had enough faith to believe that it was possible for Jesus to heal him, and so did his friends.

"Jesus saw their faith" the next verse says. Because the man and his friends had great faith, Jesus decided to start the healing process by forgiving the man's sins. The story continues in Luke 5:20-24: "When Jesus saw their faith, he said, 'Friend, your sins are forgiven.'

The Pharisees and the teachers of the law began thinking to themselves, 'Who is this fellow who speaks blasphemy? Who can forgive sins but God alone?'

Jesus knew what they were thinking and asked, 'Why are you thinking these things in your hearts? Which is easier: to say, 'Your sins are forgiven,' or to say, 'Get up and walk'? But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.'

So he said to the paralyzed man, 'I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.'

Bible scholars believe that Jesus chose to forgive the man's sins before healing him for two reasons: to encourage the man that his sins wouldn't stand in the way of healing (at that time, many people blamed sick or injured people for their affliction, thinking that it was caused by their sins), and to let the religious leaders in the crowd know that he had the authority to forgive people's sins.

The text notes that Jesus already knew about the religious leaders' judgmental thoughts. Mark 2:8 puts it this way: "Immediately Jesus knew in his spirit that this was what they were thinking in their hearts, and he said to them, 'Why are you thinking these things?'" Jesus responded to those thoughts even without the religious leaders openly expressing them.
Celebrating a Healing

By the power of Jesus' words to him, the man was healed instantly and was then able to put Jesus' command in action: taking up his mat and going home. The Bible describes in Luke 5:25-26: "Immediately he stood up in front of them, took what he had been lying on and went home praising God. Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, 'We have seen remarkable things today.'"

Matthew 9:7-8 describes the healing and celebration this way: "Then the man got up and went home. When the crowd saw this, they were filled with awe; and they praised God, who had given such authority to man."

Mark 2:12 concludes the story like this: "He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, 'We have never seen anything like this!'"


👳‍💂‍♂️👨‍⚕️👩‍⚖️👨‍🚀🧕🧙‍♂️👨‍👨‍👦🧛‍♀️👩‍👩‍👧💎💍💵💰💳🥓🛰🚀🛸🏳‍🌈🌎🕌🗽🗼✡👁‍☪👌🤘🕉 = 💀☠😈 👹 👺💀

Friday, March 29, 2019

85-Year-Old Pro-Life Man Attacked Outside of Planned Parenthood
Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines Contributing Writer

An 85-year-old man was attacked last week outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in California.

According to The Christian Post, the man identified only by his first name, Ron, was trying to stop another man from stealing a pro-life banner outside of a San Francisco, California Planned Parenthood clinic. In the video of the attack, the man pushes Ron to the ground, saying “Old man, stay on the ground.”

When Ron continues to try to take back the banner, the attacker kicks him multiple times.

"San Francisco police are investigating the matter as an assault. Ron said it’s the third time the same man harassed or tried to steal the sign in a week," NBC's Bay Area affiliate reported.

The attacker was allegedly part of another assault on March 19 when he attacked two pro-life activists and threw their signs and flyers into the streets.

The Life Legal Defense Foundation is representing Ron, saying in a statement that the man is “afraid for his safety.”

“We are working closely with 40 Days for Life to make sure pro-life advocates in San Francisco and across the nation are protected and perpetrators are brought to justice,” a statement from the foundation said.

Shawn Carney, president of 40 Days for Life, said in another statement that “every person should be treated with kindness, love and respect, even those with whom we may disagree.

“That said, over the past few months, we have seen an increase in violence from abortion supporters in an effort to instill fear and deter our law-abiding volunteers.”

In October 2018, a 65-year-old pro-life activist was taken to a hospital in Naples, Florida after he was attacked while praying near a Planned Parenthood clinic.

 March 27, 2019

Doors Opening for Distribution of Gospel Booklets in Muslim Countries

By Mission Network News on

            Doors of opportunity are opening for World Missionary Press (WMP) to send Scripture booklets into Muslim-majority areas. In the past, it hasn’t been safe to send booklets to contacts for distribution among the people.

However, contacts in Kazakhstan, Northern Nigeria, Senegal, and other areas are now giving WMP the green light to send in Scripture literature.

“[Contacts are] seeing opportunities for people to receive the literature, and we hear from people all over the world that Muslims are responding to the Gospel,” WMP’s Helen Williams says.

“There’s an openness and a hunger… that these people feel is open and the opportunity is there. The Spirit seems to be drawing people that are living under Islam.”

Concerned Quotes, of the Middle-Ages

A Story of Discovering the New Testament & Christ as the Jewish Messiah,



Christian  Films

Paul Vs. Prophet Muhammed

1:40:11          HD 1080p       

 the great author of so many epistles in the name of Christ.


Apostle Paul the Movie




The Apostle Peter

     This disciple of Christ was mentioned on  more occasions within the Gospels than all other disciples combined.

Peter and the Last Supper
Peter, the Redemption

1:32:09  -  720p

1:29:53  -  1080p



The Apostle Peter Part 1
The Apostle Peter Part 2



Click to Enlarge


Miracles from 4 Early Church Fathers

1st Century Christianity in Mesopotamia?

               The first Bishop of Arbil, in Mesopotamia, is said to have been converted in 99 A.D. when he saw the Syrian evangelist named Addai raise a man from the dead in the name of Jesus Christ. Mashiha-Zakha mentions this event in his account written by a second century source.  He also tells the story of a healing performed by Shahlufa, a later Bishop of Arbil about 270 A.D.

                                                                                          I obtained this info. within the book Miracles in Church History by William Young

Justin Martyr Addresses the Romans

             "You may learn from what goes on under your own eyes. For many devil-possessed all over the world, and in your own city, many of our men, the Christians, have exorcised in the name of Jesus Christ, who was crucified under Pontius Pilate. When all other exorcists and sayers of charms and sellers of drugs failed, they have healed them, and still do heal, sapping the power of the demons who hold men, and driving them out."

Justin to Trypho

         "In the name of this same Son of God, firstborn of every creature, who was born of a virgin, and became man subject to suffering, and was crucified under Pontius Pilate, ... and died, and rose again from the dead, and ascended into heaven, every demon exorcised is conquered and subdued."

Irenaeus speaks of exorcisms, and more

          "Some do, really and truly, cast out demons, so that the very ones who have been cleansed from evil spirits often believe. and are in the Church ... What is more, as I said. even the dead have been raised and remained with us for considerable years . . Nor does the Church do anything by angelic invocations, nor incantations, nor other perverse meddling. It directs prayers in a manner clear, pure, and open, to the Lord who made all things, and calls upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Origen responds, after Celsus suggests any name is as good as another for God

            "The name of Jesus still takes awav mental distractions from men, and daemons and diseases as well, and implants a wonderful meekness and tranquillity of character, and a love to mankind and a kindness and a goodness to those who have genuinely accepted the Gospel about God and Christ and the judgment to come."

Origen writes as an eyewitness of healing and exorcism

           "Some there are who show signs of having received through this Faith something the more incredible. I mean by the cures which they perform, calling upon nought else, over those who need their healing, than the God who is over all and the name of Jesus, along with the account concerning him.30 For by these means we ourselves have seen many set free from grievous symptoms ... without manipulations and magic and the use of drugs, but just by prayer and an invocation of the simpler kind, and such means as the simpler kind of man might be able to use. For it is mostly people quite untrained who do this work."

 Origen contrasts Christian healing with work of pagan healers & exorcists

           "No sorcerer uses his tricks to call spectators to moral reformation; nor does he educate by the fear of God people who were astounded by what they saw, nor does he attempt to persuade the onlookers to live as men who will be judged by God."

One of Origen's own converts had the gift of healing to a marked extent

           "This convert of Origen's had such a great gift of healing through the Holy Spirit that he commonly implored this gift from God in the course of his evangelism within Pontus. About Gregory the 'Wonder Worker' we have this account: At daybreak the crowd would be at the doors. men, women, and children, those suffering from demon-possession. or other afflictions or illnesses of the body. And he in the midst would, in the power of the spirit, apportion as befitted the need of each of those who had come together. He would preach. he would join an enquiry, he would advise. he would teach. he would heal ... It was through both sight and hearing that the tokens of the Divine power shone forth upon him. For his discourses would astonish their hearing, and his wonders among the sick their sight."

St. Augustine of Hippo records miracles

            "When I wrote that book, I myself had recently learned that a blind man had been restored to sight at Milan near the bodies of the Martyrs in Miracles in Church History that very city. and I knew about some others. so numerous even in these times, that we cannot know all of them nor enumerate those we know."

Stories of  Healing Miracles

Lisa Larios Healed from Cancer

       Lisa was diagnosed with cancer of the hip when she was 12, and was unable to walk unaided. Her family decided chemotherapy was too traumatic and called it off after one dose. The family were Catholic, though not very religious, and a family friend invited the family to a christian healing meeting conducted by ‘healing evangelist’ Kathryn Kuhlman. The friend fasted and prayed for a week beforehand


       During the service, Lisa felt a warm feeling in her stomach, and Kathryn Kuhlman said someone in her section of the auditorium was being healed from cancer and should stand up. Lisa, against her mother’s wishes, stood up and was able to walk without pain for the first time since the problem had appeared. Lisa was X-rayed several times after that, and it became clear that something strange had indeed occurred. Further X-rays (reproduced in the book) were taken and reviewed by several doctors, and these showed that Lisa’s hip had been fully restored and the cancer was gone.

Elfrieda Stauffer

       Elfrieda was ‘critically ill’ with chronic rheumatoid arthritis, and unable to walk or dress herself, when she was taken to a healing meeting by her husband. She had avoided going because “she did not believe in that kind of thing”, but after much prayer by her husband and urging by some friends, she agreed to go. During the meeting she felt that parts of her body that had been in extreme pain were becoming pain-free, and she was able to move them. Dr Casdorph points out that gradual spontaneous remissions can occur with this disease, but “she emerged from this severe disability to complete normalcy within a matter of seconds or minutes. This is not spontaneous remission.”

Marie Rosenberger

      In 1970, at age 44, Marie started suffering from severe headaches. She underwent brain surgery, and a tumour was removed, but the surgeons could not remove it all, and the biopsy showed is was malignant. The tumour began to grow back, and Marie was not expected to live. The family decided to spend an evening praying for her healing and her husband stayed up all night. He had a vision of the tumour being healed, but Marie seemed little improved when she woke. However she stopped taking her medication, and continued to improve, as visits to her neurosurgeon confirmed, with some amazement, until she was healed. The book discusses the medical documentation and reproduces arteriograms.

Marion Burgio

       When multiple sclerosis first affected Marion in 1958, she was pregnant and not yet 30. She felt numbness in her hands, kept falling over, and generally started losing coordination. But it was not diagnosed for four years, by which time she was deteriorating steadily. Ten years later, she had bad headaches, a deformed forearm, was incontinent, had a marked loss of hearing and vision and was unable to eat or even hold her head up. A friend visited regularly to pray for her and invited her to a Kathryn Kuhlman healing meeting.

Marion at first refused to go, but eventually was taken in a wheelchair. She can’t remember exactly what happened, but during the service she found herself standing up, with her back and limbs straight for the first time in years. She began to walk immediately, and later her surprised doctor found she had been healed of all symptoms, including the deformities. She and her husband became strong believers in Jesus.

Marvin Bird

        Arteriosclerotic heart disease was (and I assume still is) the most common cause of death in the western world. Marvin Bird had his first heart attack at age 46, and over the next 16 years was hospitalised 17 times because of his heart condition. One artery was completely blocked and the others were half blocked (as shown in angiograms reproduced in the book), but he declined a coronary artery bypass because, at age 60, he didn’t think he would survive surgery. He attended a healing meeting even though he wasn’t then a believer, and an assistant, believing he had been healed, invited him to stand up. He couldn’t previously do this on his own, but now was able to. Doctors later confirmed he was fully healed, and Marvin started to attend church and believe in Jesus.
Ray Jackson


       In 1972, Ray Jackson had a kidney removed in the Duke University Medical Center because of cancer. He recovered well, but two years later doctors had to remove a finger because they found cancer had spread there. Shortly after they found cancer in his spine, pelvis, breastbone and leg, and this time surgery was out of the question. (Two bone scans are reproduced in the book.) He was booked in for radiation treatment, but advised he could expect to live no more than a year.

       Many friends were praying for his healing, and before he began the radiation treatment, he woke in the night to hear a voice tell him he would be healed. The next day he attended a ‘Kathryn Kuhlman miracle service’, during which the pain disappeared instantly. Tests the next day still showed the lesions, but subsequent tests showed that healthy new bone had filled in where the lesions had been. This case is notable because of the wealth of medical detail available from Duke to confirm the healing.

Pearl Bryant

       Pearl was a doctor of speech therapy who had suffered from a range of medical problems – arthritis, kidney, gall bladder and liver problems – for most of her life. By the time she was in her sixties she had to wear long-leg braces whenever she was out of bed because of weak knees and many falls. Other physical problems (fainting, headaches, nausea and digestive problems) also worsened at this time. A devout christian, she began praying for healing in her late seventies, then finally managed to get to a healing meeting. During the meeting she felt an unusual ‘grinding’ sensation in her body, beginning with her left hip and gradually moving around her whole body and ending in her neck. She couldn’t take the leg braces off in public to test her healing, but next morning she was able to walk unaided and regained full movement. She was fully healed.

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These 6 cases above were the shortened versions of 6 out of 10 Healing Miracles recorded by Dr. Casdorph

Dr H Richard Casdorph is an experienced doctor and medical researcher. His CV shows he has published more than eighty research papers in a career that has spanned almost 6 decades, and has earned the respect of his fellow doctors.


In the mid 70s he undertook a research project with a difference. He interviewed ten people who claimed to have been miraculously healed of serious conditions. He examined all the case histories – X-rays, medical reports, etc – and also submitted them to medical specialists for review.

In all ten cases, the evidence showed that an unusual healing had taken place after the patient received prayer for healing. The cases were written up in a book, The Miracles, which includes some of the X-rays.

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     The Holy Spirit allows Miracle Healing to occur by thy hands of those who possess this spirit from God. The church eventually chose a more dignified view in front of the world, and by result, Healing's were no longer. Though, we shall no longer forget our blessing from God, our power to heal. When the Pharisee's in the days of Christ accused Jesus of utilizing Black Magic; this was blaspheming against the Holy Spirit; an act not to be forgiven.

When Demons Attack I

Satan Must Rule In the Vatican,
The Pope Will Be His Slave.FreemasonsThe Freemason's marched through St. Peter's Square in Rome in the years 1917 of our Lord. This occurred one day prior to the Bolshevik Revolution when 287 Jewish Bolsheviks (though Freemasons with more satanic beliefs) implemented a new Communist (Zionist) government in Russia, followed by the immediate torture and murder of 200,000+ Orthodox Christian Church Clergy.

Apostle Paul

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Hebrews 11:6

Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Matthew 21:2

Only if you believe, will you be healed.

Romans 10:17

Faith comes through hearing the Word.

James 5:15

A Prayer of faith shall save the sick.

Mark 16:17-18b

     These signs shall follow them that believe. _They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

John 15:7

     If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.

John 14:12

     He who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do.

     Could this be true? Obviously, it's true if found within the pages of the New Testament. Jesus teaches us to be humble and free of desires, but He also promises us Heaven on earth, eternal life, and of 'course, the power to heal others. As we see here in this next scripture...

1 Corinthians 4:20

     The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power.

     But first we must live in His Word. We must repent and we must forgive, and of 'course, we must keep faith.

Luke 13:3

     Without repentance, not only will you not be healed [or able to heal others], but you will not go to Heaven.

Matthew 6:15

      Forgiveness is not a feeling, but a choice. If you do not forgive others, you will not be healed and you will go to Hell.

     Jesus traveled throughout the Holy land healing the sick and casting-out demons and when He arrived at Pentecost (50 days post-resurrection) He gave His Apostles the gift of the Holy Spirit say, "just as my Father sent me, I now send you. Thereafter, the Apostles and their disciples traveled abroad healing the sick and lame, and it was in response to these acts that so many new believers were born again as believers in the Trinity. Whereunto, we too, can perform Healing miracles by way of the Holy Spirit, by simply being believer's and followers of Christ.

Jeremiah 30:17a

    For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds says the Lord.

Isaiah 53:5b

     By His stripes we are healed.

Matthew 10:8

      Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast-out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

 Romans 8:11

        But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal through His Spirit who dwells in you.

    Yes, this is true. Not only has Christ raised the dead, yet others throughout time have performed this same miracles, (if only the matter of hours after being pronounced deceased), but only accomplished by way of the Holy Spirit and when pleading the blood of Jesus Christ.

James 4.2b

      _yet you have not, because you ask not.

Matthew 7:7

     Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

     When you pray upon someone, they don't have to be a believer and follower of God's Word; only you must be. Remember, the Apostles were healing Pagans and Jews. In order to heal oneself, you can pray this Healing Prayer I've provided.

Self-Healing Prayer

    Heavenly Father, Almighty God, in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit I come before You in reverence and awe for what You are and what You've done. Lord I repent for any sins that I have committed in disobedience to Your Word. I release all my bitterness to you Lord and I choose right now to forgive others because you forgave me. 

     Father right now I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my mind, body, soul, and spirit. I ask that the healing power of the Holy Spirit come and remove all sickness and disease from my body. I claim Isaiah 53:5 over me in Jesus' name. I claim Mark 16:18 over me right now in Jesus' name. And by my authority as a child of God, as given to me in Luke 10:19, I take all legal and spiritual authority over every foul spirit of Satan that's oppressing this body right now in the name of Jesus and I command all you demon spirits to leave right now in Jesus' name!

     Father God, I ask for you to send your warrior angels to encamp and surround me and my home in a field of protection against further attacks of the enemy. I pray the peace of the Holy Spirit come over me right now in Jesus; name as I plead the blood of Christ to heal me, amen!

                         ......Now, it doesn't matter how deadly and incurable

                         your disease is. If you've been following the scripture

                         to the left and you prayed this prayer, then you have

                         been healed. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Thou Shall Not Blaspheme Against Thy Holy Spirit, For It Will Not Be Forgiven


       "In some regions, the level and nature of persecution is arguably coming close to meeting the international definition of genocide, according to that adopted by the UN."

The foreign secretary commissioned the review on Boxing Day 2018 amid an outcry over the treatment of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who faced death threats after being acquitted of blasphemy in Pakistan.

Sri Lanka attacks: What we know...
Who are the victims of the Sri Lanka attacks?
London hate crime soars since NZ attacks...

Its findings come after more than 250 people were killed and more than 500 wounded in attacks at hotels and churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday...

Mr Hunt, who is on a week-long tour of Africa, said he thought governments had been "asleep" over the persecution of Christians but that this report and the attacks in Sri Lanka had "woken everyone up with an enormous shock".

He added: "I think there is a misplaced worry that it is somehow colonialist to talk about a religion that was associated with colonial powers rather than the countries that we marched into as colonisers.
'Atmosphere of political correctness'

"That has perhaps created an awkwardness in talking about this issue - the role of missionaries was always a controversial one and that has, I think, also led some people to shy away from this topic.

"What we have forgotten in that atmosphere of political correctness is actually the Christians that are being persecuted are some of the poorest people on the planet."

In response to the report, the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Marie van der Zyl, said Jews had often been the targets of persecution and felt for Christians who were discriminated against on the basis of their faith.

"Whether it is in authoritarian regimes, or bigotry masked in the mistaken guise of religion, reports like the one launched today remind us that there are many places in which Christians face appalling levels of violence, abuse and harassment," she said.

The review is due to publish its final findings in the summer.

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          After printing and retail costs, this book is priced so me, the author, receives only 19 cents. his was the lowest price allowed through the distribution and printing company. Christ said, "freely you have received, freely you must give."


Miracle Healing

Miracle Healing Instructions

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Though, it may be acceptable to approbate Christian Mysticism & Contemplative prayer, this jeopardous behavior isn't required to obtain the Miracle Healing powers of the Holy Spirit. (read stories below right).

Healing During the Medieval Period

BEDE   (673-735 A.D.)

        "Bede was a monk and often called "the Father of English History". He was the first to write any kind of history of England. The reader who is further interested in the miracle stories of Bede should see - Chapter 7 "Bede's Miracle Stories" in Bede, His Life, Times and Writings, edited by A. H. Thompson, pp. 201-229.  

        In Book 2, Chapter 2, Bede tells about another case of blindness (68-69). In Book 3, Chapter 15, there is the story of weather being changed. Book 5, Chapter 1, shares the story of the calming of a tempest at sea. Chapter 2 gives the account of a bishop named John healing a dumb man. Chapter 3 records the healing of a sick maiden. In Chapter 4 John heals the wife of an Earl, while chapter 5 records the resuscitation of the Earl's servant Chapter 6 recounts the resuscitation of John's own clerk who had died. These are only a selected few of the miracles which were recorded by Bede

The following individuals are known as having miracles recorded either by them or about them:

      Anselm (ca. 1033-1109); Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153); Dominic (1170-1221); and Malachy (Kelsey 1973, 231-232). Antony of Padua is said to have had prophetic powers as well as miracles (Douglas 1974, 51).

St. Francis of Assisi  (1181-1226 A.D.)

        St. Francis was the founder of the Franciscan Order. He had an incredible healing ministry. The following selections are from a vast number of miracles which occurred in the ministry of Francis.

How Francis healed a cripple at Toscanella and a paralytic at Narni:

Once when the holy man of God Francis was going about through various regions to preach the kingdom of God, he came to a certain city called Toscanella. There, when he was sowing the seed of life in his usual way, a certain soldier of that city gave him hospitality; he had an only son who was lame and weak of body. Though he was a young child, he had passed the years of weaning; still he remained in a cradle. When the father of the boy saw the great sanctity of the man of God, he humbly cast himself at his feet, begging from him health for his son. But Francis, who considered himself useless and unworthy of such great power and grace, refused for a long time to do this.

But finally overcome by the insistence of his petitions, he prayed and then put his hand upon the boy and, blessing him, raised him up. Immediately, with all present looking on and rejoicing, the boy arose completely restored and began to walk here and there about the house.

Once when the man of God, Francis, had come to Narni and was staying there for a number of days, a certain man of that city, Peter by name, lay in bed paralyzed. For a period of five months he had been so deprived of the use of all his limbs that he could not rise at all or move himself even a little; and thus having completely lost the use of his feet and hands and head, he could only move his tongue and open his eyes. When he heard that Francis had come to Narni, he sent a messenger to the bishop of that city to ask him for the love of God to send the servant of the most high God to him, confident that he would be freed from the illness from which he suffered at the sight and presence of Francis. And so it happened that, when the blessed Francis had come to him and had made the sign of the cross over him from his head to his feet, he was immediately healed and restored to his former health.

How Francis freed one of the brothers from the falling sickness or from a devil,

and how he freed a possessed woman at the city of San Gemini:

One of the brothers suffered frequently from a very serious infirmity and one horrible to see; I do not know what name it is called, though some think it is an evil spirit. Frequently he was cast upon the ground and he turned about foaming at the mouth and with a terrible look upon his face; at times his limbs were drawn up, at other times they were extended; now they were folded up and twisted, again they were rigid and hard. Sometimes, when he was stretched out and rigid, he would be raised up into the air to the height of a man's stature, with his feet even with his head, and then would fall back to the ground. Pitying his grievous illness the holy father Francis went to him and, after praying, signed him and blessed him. Suddenly he was cured and he did not again suffer in the least from the tortures of this illness.

One day when the most blessed father Francis was passing through the diocese of Narni, he came to a certain city called San Gemini, and preaching there the kingdom of God, he was entertained along with three of his brothers by a certain man of good repute in that region who feared and worshipped God. But his wife was beset by a devil, and was known to all who lived in that town. Her husband interceded with St. Francis for her, confident that she could be freed by his merits. But because Francis preferred in his simplicity to be held in contempt rather than be praised by the world because of a demonstration of his sanctity, he refused firmly to do this.

Finally, because God was concerned in the case, and because so many were begging him to do it, he consented, overcome by their prayers. He called the three brothers who were with him and, placing each one in a corner of the house, he said to them: "Let us pray to the Lord, brothers, for this woman that God may strike the yoke of the devil from her unto his own praise and glory. Let us stand separately in the corners of the house lest that evil spirit be able to escape us or deceive us by getting into the hiding places of the corners." When the prayer was finished, blessed Francis went up to the woman, who was being miserably tormented and who was clamouring horribly, and, with the power of the Holy Spirit, he said: "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you in holy obedience, evil spirit, to go out from her and never dare to hinder her again." He had hardly finished the words when the devil left that woman so very quickly and with such anger and racket that, because of the sudden healing of the woman and the very quick obedience of the devil, the holy father thought perhaps he had been deceived. He immediately left that place in shame, divine providence so arranging things that he would not be able to glory vainly in any way.

Whence it happened that blessed Francis was passing through the same place on another occasion, and Brother Elias was with him; and behold, that woman, when she heard of his coming, immediately arose; and running through the street, she cried out after him that he should deign to speak to her. But he did not want to speak to her, knowing that she was the woman from whom he had once cast out a devil by the power of God. But she kissed the steps of his feet, giving thanks to God and to his servant St. Francis who had freed her out of the hand of death. Finally, Brother Elias urged the saint by his prayers, and he spoke to her after he had been assured by the people of her illness, as was said, and of her cure.

Of the Cleansing of Lepers:

At San Severino in the Marches on Ancona a certain young man named Acto, who was covered all over with leprosy, was considered a leper by all in accordance with the verdict of the doctors. All his limbs were swollen and enlarged, and because of the distention and puffed up condition of his veins he saw everything awry. He could not walk, but lying as he did continuously in his sickbed, he caused his parents sorrow and grief. His father, tortured daily as he was with his son's suffering, did not know what to do about him. At length it came into his heart to commend his son by all means to blessed Francis, and he said to his son: "Son, do you wish to vow yourself to St. Francis, who everywhere is renowned for his miracles, that it might please him to free you from your illness?" He replied: "I want to, father." The father immediately had paper brought and, after he had measured his son's stature in height and girth, he said: "Raise yourself up, son, and vow yourself to blessed Francis, and after he has cured you, you shall bring him a candle as tall as you are every year for as long as you live." At the command of his father he rose up as well as he could, and joining his hands, he began humbly to invoke blessed Francis' compassion.

Accordingly, after he had taken up the paper measure and completed his prayer, he was immediately cured of his leprosy; and getting up and giving glory to God and to blessed Francis, he began to walk with joy. In the city of Fano, a certain young man named Bonushomo, who was considered paralyzed and leprous by all the doctors, was devoutly offered to blessed Francis by his parents. He was cleansed from the leprosy and cured of his paralysis and made completely well.

Of the Curing of the Dumb and the Deaf:

At Citta della Pieve there was a very poor beggar boy who was completely dumb and deaf from his birth. He had a tongue that was very short and mutilated so much so that it seemed to those who had examined it many times that it had been cut off. One evening he came to the house of a certain man of the city who was called Mark, and by means of signs, as is customary with the mute, he begged shelter from him. He leaned his head sideways, his jaw against his hand, so that it could be understood that he wanted to be sheltered with him for the night. But the man took him into his house with great happiness and willingly kept him with him, for the boy knew how to be a competent servant. He was an ingenious young man, for, though he had been deaf and dumb from the cradle, he understood by signs what was commanded him. One night when the man was at supper with his wife and the boy was waiting on them, the man said to his wife: "I would consider it the greatest miracle if the blessed Francis would give hearing and speech to this boy."

And he added: "I vow to the Lord God that if the blessed Francis should deign to work this miracle, I will, for love of him, hold this boy most dear and provide for him as long as he lives." Wonderful indeed! When the vow had been made, the boy immediately spoke and said: "St. Francis lives." And then looking about, he again said: "I see St. Francis standing on high and he is coming to give me speech." And the boy added: "What therefore shall I say to the people?" Then that man arose, rejoicing and exalting greatly, and he made known to all the people what had happened. All those who had seen the boy before when he could not speak came running, and, filled with admiration and wonder, they humbly gave praise to God and to blessed Francis. The boy's tongue grew and became adapted for speech, and he began to utter properly formed words as though he had always been speaking.

Another boy, by the name of Villa, could not speak or walk. His mother made a waxen image in fulfilment of a vow and took it with reverence to the place where the blessed father Francis is buried. When she returned home, she found her son walking and speaking. A certain man, in the diocese of Perugia, had completely lost the faculty of speech. He always kept his mouth open, gaping horribly and in great distress, for his throat was much swollen and puffed up. When he had come to the place where the most holy body is buried and wished to go up the steps to the tomb, he vomited much blood, and completely relieved, he began to speak and to close and open up his mouth as was necessary.

A certain woman suffered such great pain in her throat that from the excessive burning her tongue had dried to her palate. She could not speak, nor eat, nor drink. Plasters were applied and medicines used, but she felt no relief from her infirmity with all these things. Finally, she vowed herself in her heart to St. Francis, for she could not speak, and suddenly her flesh broke open and there came from her throat a small round stone which she took in her hand and showed to everyone nearby, and she was soon completely healed.

In the city of Greccio there was a certain young man who had lost his hearing, his memory, and his speech, and he could not understand or perceive anything. But his parents, who had great faith in St. Francis, vowed him with humble devotion; when the vow had been fulfilled, he was most abundantly endowed with the senses he had lacked through the favor of the most holy and glorious father Francis.

                                    To the praise, glory, and honour of Jesus Christ our Lord, whose kingdom and empire endure firm and immoveable forever and ever Amen."

          Receiving the Holy Spirit only comes from faith in the Gospel of Water & Spirit. Don't be deceived into believing it's as effortless as having a Minister lay his hands upon you. Although, you can receive Healing by having a true sinless person with the Holy Spirit lay their hands upon you, the Holy Spirit is a gift of God that cannot be accomplished by earthly means; remember St. Peter rebuked Simon Magnus in the Book of Acts for attempting to purchase the Spirit with money.  You must be free of sin and believe in the Gospel of Water & Spirit.

Baal is Back • Deep State

Features the return of the Old Testament's most notorious pagan god Baal. Factions of our ruling class have even hired ISIS (not Islamic Terrorists, but paid Mercenaries of the rich) to destroy an old archway to the Temple of Baal just so they could recreate the artifact and tour the world with it, making stops in D.C. and London.

Contains a few positive elements but the history of Christ is polluted with New Age lies.


Attention Christians!

Our nation already tells school children they're not being rational if they believe in the Bible, yet, the Mason's / Luciferian's in powerful gov. positions believe in the story of Creation, the Great Flood, etc. This corrupt ruling-class are further aware they fail to possess the ability of implementing a full-on attack (on society) when millions in society are praying to Christ for divine assistance. Therefore, they preach atheism to the masses.

A Former Medium, and her mother, battles her beloved Spirit Guides whence they turn-on them and display their true nature as Demonic Spirits.

When Demons Attack II

A man regrets his antichrist past deeds.

       Piers, when did Jesus say that?
          By Michael Brown, CP Op-Ed Contributor  Friday, July 12, 2019

       Television host Piers Morgan hosts a conversation titled "Communication by Design: Inspirational Change" during the final day of the Clinton Global Initiative 2012 (CGI) in New York September 25, 2012.

      Speaking to a British doctor who affirmed that there are only two sexes, Piers Morgan said, “Jesus Christ told you to be tolerant of people as well and you seem to have failed that test.

With all respect, Piers, could you tell us exactly where Jesus told us to be “tolerant of people”? And would you be kind enough to let us know where you get the idea that Jesus differed with the doctor’s assessment?


77 - 94



Falling Away to the Antichrist

Warning of Satanism




Powerful Prayer Words In Latin

        Sign of the Cross  •  In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen

        Da mihi, Domine Deus meus,                      Grant me, O' Lord my God

           inter prospera et adversa,           •                 that I mat not falter in times of

              non  deficere                                                      prosperity or adversity

Forewarning to Americans from Europe


Prayer and Black Magic

The Movie Reviews and Analysis

Jesus of Nazareth 1977: 10  ➖  The BEST movie ever made on the life of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of John:  9.0 

The Gospel of Matthew:  8.5 The chapter and verses are displayed on the bottom-right corner of the screen while the Book is narrated, though there's constant music, sound effects, and occasionally the actors speak between narration.

Eyewitnesses to Christ:  7.5 A lower rating only due to video quality,  the message is important, unique, and exciting.

Flight of Faith: (Timeline)  8.0 Excellent, though it begins by calling Jesus, "one the the most celebrating men to ever live", quite the understatement as it's quite obvious no 'man' has ever affected the entire world for 2,000 yrs alike the Christ. This documentary shows all the churches throughout the Holy Land located on the famous sites where Jesus was born, lived, and preached.

The Real Jesus Timeline Documentary:  8.0  This film may be designed to cause someone's mind to doubt the story of Jesus which has been told over the ages. Although, this video can certainly be entertaining and educational to the viewer as long as the viewer is a firm Christian and can discern the falsities placed throughout the film in attempt to cause confusion among Christian's and non-Christians alike.

Mt. Athos Monastery:  9.5  ➖ Excellent film depicting this entire island with nothing but monasteries located on the land.

more coming soon

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Hollywood Deception & Illuminati (Jewish Freemasonry) Desecration 

            Last Years Christmas movie - The Nativity,   was a satanic attack on Christianity! Immediately, the occultism in this film was on display for all to see, but only a percentage of Christians to perceive. While walking through the streets with Joseph the Virign Mary is stopped by a woman who reads her palm and predicts she'll soon give birth. This is witchcraft not Christianity, and doubtlessly done on purpose by Christ-haters in Hollywood! 

            Furthermore, this movie distastefully displays the Mother of God's painful childbirth; another mockery of Christianity. Childbirth pains are Biblically considered a judgement of God handed-down for original sin. But wait... wasn't the Christ free of all sin? Yes, so technically Mary wouldn't have experienced the horrific pains of childbirth. Therefore, whether this bothers you as a Christian or not, these are deliberate and direct attacks on Jesus Christ. Even worse, Hollywood continues to attempt disguising these videos as if being meant for Christians, wherefore, they can slowly alter the beliefs of Jesus Christ. Undoubtedly, this is the work of the devil. 

        Let's review  the 2016 movie release Risen. This was simply a disgusting film and grossly inaccurate portrayal of the Resurrection; though secretly advertised as a Christian film to attract many Christian followers. The entire film revolves around the Romans searching for the body of Christ after the crucifixion when Jesus had left His tomb and risen from the dead. But not in this depiction of the Resurrection did Jesus rise on His own, because this film is a non-stop search for who stole the body!

        But wait, it get's worse. This movie shows the 2 Roman guards stationed just outside the tomb as unintelligent kids who drank so much wine that they got wasted and passed-out during the night. This was the time when some followers of Jesus must've rolled-away the covering stone and stole, then hid the body of Christ. 

        Sure, the body was never found, but this Hollywood film implies it was because nobody could locate the theifs and/or the body, it was for this reason the Christian religion was commenced as it began by default.

“Djesus Uncrossed”: NBC’s Blasphemy Against Jesus Christ

February 23, 2013 By Beginning and End

         "As Hollywood continues to blaspheme and disrespect Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, NBC network’s Saturday Night Live show took the attacks to a new low with a skit depicting Jesus Christ as a violent murderer. The skit, called “Djesus Uncrossed”, a spoof on the slave revenge film, Django Unchained, was just another example of the blatant mockery of the Christian faith being promoted in pop culture today."

Also view:  Hollywood Deception  located in Sector 3

        Unfortunately, the majority of American children in modern America while watching this skit on television, even those raised Catholic by their parents, (meaning: they say the blessing thanking God prior to eating dinner every night), will laugh and find it entertaining; particularly if in the company of friends.  - S.P.


The Historic Greatest of the 2nd Millennium of Christianity 3:03:46 9.0 *but L.Q.

     Fantastic film that'll place your mind and soul during the time-frame depicted as you feel the continuous love of the Christ, Jesus.  This video does cover the first one-thousand yrs. as well - delivering a thorough history from the time of Christ until the millennium mark when it begins a more detailed adventure for the viewer.

      The most worrisome concern when viewing this film (similar to others) is the Historical Analysts and/or Theologians believe all happenings are by way of men - the choices certain men make, the happenings of empires, and figures in history who alter the course of truth.  On the contrary, the Christian world was always the work the God. The Holy Spirit directed its followers who possessed true faith, and was responsible for the great triumphs of Christianity and the amazing periods of peace so many Christians lived through.  - S.P.

Apostle Paul • Classic Collection

59:05                 480p

         Now, I'll admit that I have at times been turned-off by Paul and focused more on either the Gospels or books like the Book of James. When considering the Apostle Paul, though a self-proclaimed Apostle he truly was, and he constantly mentions our Lord Jesus Christ in all of his Epistles as his morals seem to align almost perfectly with that of the Christ. Unfortunately, the one negative aspect of his letters is the lack of quotes by Jesus Himself.

          There's basically nothing (one quote) that comes directly from Jesus but comes from Jesus through Paul, therefore, to acquire the direct

experience one simply must return to the Gospels.

          This legendary Saint gives us 13 Epistles in the New Testament; 14 if we attribute Hebrews to Paul.




The Truth About Hell

by: Terry Watkins

Non-Verity Online Articles, Click Link Below

Faith Matters: Parable of the lost sheep

THE REV. Jim Rennie Pastor, First Baptist Church of Colrain

Published: 6/22/2018

A Must Watch

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Special Feature:  The Road to Armageddon

1:11:36  •  HD 1080p

Produced By: Grace Digital Network


          Pure Flix Entertainment has released The Case for Christ. Yet another attack on Jesus Christ which attempts to advertise itself to be for Christians, in an attempt to brainwash them into not believing in the Resurrection; which without the entire religion falls apart - in similar fashion to the previously released movie titled Risen!

Another Movie Released to Dis-Credit the Entire Christian Religion!

      This Jewish man, now turned Christian, grew-up being told the New Testament was a handbook on How to Persecute Jews - Unbelievable, a book that speaks of nothing but loving everyone including those different from you and even your enemies.

2 Hour Movie / Documentary:  

The Book of Revelation



           In the film "The End Times - In the Words of Jesus, they mention the rapture occurring at any moment without notice. Thereafter, these 'theologians' featured in the film do acknowledge the Tribulation. They state the Bibe clearly inforns ous the Tribuation will occur for a period od seven years. On the contrary, they state thus seven year perios occurring after the rapture which truly makes no sense. How will we be suffering through a great tribulation afte Christ as already gatheed His ekect to live alongside of Him?

After the Tribulation

The Book of Revelation & St. John the Apostle

The Apocalypse of John Movie

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   Secrets of the

Book of Revelation

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The Life of St. Paul the Apostle

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The Age of Deceit Pt. 3

       The Sin Virus

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Brother Nathanael Kapner is shown on the left. This man is a beloved follower of the Christ and a real hero in the eyes of the Verity Outlet!

You can view his work at:

http://www.realzionistnews.com http://rense.com


The Apostles of Christ

Deadly Journeys of the Apostles
  - Messengers to the West

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The Disciples
    -  ft. James Strange






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Lost Gospel Films| Life of St. Paul - Ambassador for Christ (1949)




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               The certain assumption would be Matthew assumed the people of that time would know they're prostitutes. Now, there remains other texts which give credence to make a credible argument against this as well. Obviously, Jesus was ahead of His time with morals and values. Though, He didn't condone this behavior in the long run, He may have been forced to remained within the process of teaching the people otherwise while such behaviors retained position. Surely, it wasn't until after His crucifixion when most, including Peter, grasped the entirety of His story, His meaning and His teachings; particularly occurring 50 days after Pentecost. Moving forward through the Apostolic era His followers would now fully spread His word and bring new morals including sexual behaviors among people throughout many communities in disparate nations. The Apostle Paul mentions many time the type of sexual behavior our Lord would prefer to see from us as children of the Most High.

               Henceforth, unlike so many others, I'm not teaching - or should I say, claiming I definitely know either way. Nevertheless, I'll confidently declaring I'm certainly fine with people who believe or downright state these women weren't prostituting, because they probably were not. Albeit, I'm additionally okay with those who believe they were.

Referring to Women's lack of Power & Respect in the Church:

        Well, perhaps we can argue men controlled the Catholic church and minimized women and their role in the church, but we must glorify their admission and rights involved in the Christian faith. When Jesus lived in the Holy Land, women were not even allowed inside the Synagogues! They simply couldn't take part in the Sabbath day's events and prayers; or at least not all of them alike their husbands or any other men. The women were made to sit outside the Synagogues while mass took place! This may sound unbelievable in this modern era, yet it's true. However, the Jews were especially violent and undermining towards the women of their society and this was one aspect of their behavior which attracted many Greek and Roman men into the new Christian religion, because of it's leniency of women and to spite the Jews.

         Our Lord, Jesus of Nazareth's behavior towards women was ground-breaking for His era. They were welcomed followers, disciples, and loved lie anyone else. The mere fact that Jesus allowed women to follow Him around and be part of the group would've brought a massive amount of attention and debate to Him and His disciples. After His death when the Early Christians began spreading and gathering on the Sabbath for their new form of worship and religion towards God, women did everything the same as the men did just like we witness in modern day churches. As we read our beloved New Testament we notice occurrences where the Apostle Paul will dictate proper care of widows, etc.

Covering  April 1, 2018  to  July 7, 2019

By: The Verity Outlet

Jesus Christ

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Lost Voyages of Jesus

    (Around the Sea of Galilee)

        Further beware of many anti-Christian documentaries found online at file sharing sites such as You Tube! Notwithstanding, these may also be the best sites to find great Christian material not found on cable television networks, yet the devil loves to deceive at these online locations.

        Documentaries such as "Christian Dilemmas - The Secret History of the Bible", begins its video making one false statement after another regarding Christianity. Not a single thing stated is true! e.g. This film makes the claim that the Zodiac Sign during the time of Christ was at the ending stage of Aeries the Ram (turning into Pisces) and for this reason Jesus is known as the Lamb of God! What a ridiculous claim. Obviously, the Jews constantly sacrificed lambs at the Temple and Jesus was the final and ultimate sacrifice for mankind's sins.

Not to mention, He was from God, He was of God. Thus, Christ was the "Lamb of God" who takes away the sins of the world.

         This film then goes on to narrate the story of Jesus as a copy of the unsuccessful religion of Mythraism, because supposedly the god Mythra was born of a virgin, on Dec. 25th, and performed miracles. Really? Mythra wasn't even born from a women but from a rock. Yes, you read correctly, he developed out of a rock. Furthermore, he was never an infant but born immediately into an adult male god; an utterly absurd tale one finds impossible to believe. Certainly, more arduous to believe than Christianity, yet these blatant lies are told seemingly with confidence in this film to confuse the viewing into discrediting Christianity.



         Sector #2 (below) presents warnings of a society that's turned anti-God, anti-Christian, and even promotes pagan ideology, occultism and metaphysics or the (so-called) New Age movement. There's additional warnings against Hollywood and Pg. 8 (main menu) exposed further satanic behavior in Hollywood. In this modern (materialistic/technological) society where many believe Christianity is outdated, these warnings must be established, wherefore, people eyes can be opened to our desperate need of Christian morals and further sociological behavior where thanks is given to God for this wonderful life we've been given.

         Notwithstanding, many Christians appearing online spreading the Word on formats alike You Tube, etc., have become obsessed with exposing their enemies and seem to forget some of the teachings of Christ. The Verity Outlet promotes a healthy middle-ground but realizes we must place most of our focus on positive and simply happy discussions/behaviors. Sometimes, because there's such a high level of negative behavior in society, I personally feel that perchance I must retreat to a monastery, from there possibly a hermitage, in order to solely focus on God without the distractions of everyday life. Not to mention, escape living amongst a society that's filled with enemies of the Christ. 

Remember Luke Chapter 6, verse 37 when the Christ says to His followers,

37 "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye

shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." - S.P.

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Jewish Talmud Exposed

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The most impressive knowledge Tom Brady ever spit-out of his mouth.

Posted by Shaun Prario on April 28th, 2021

Update 5/21/2021

            Netflix airs "The Haunted" and 3 minutes into the first episode a woman's labeled crazy for attending church on Sunday's and reading the Bible! This woman's daughter, the star of the show, goes on to tell how her "Christian Fundamentalist" mother would beat and torture her. Parents who attend church every Sunday are the last people in the world who are going to be beating their children!

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